Election 2012

Live coverage of Election Day 2012

Alex  Parker

**10:27 p.m.: Final results from the courthouse** The last batch of election results from Douglas County have just arrived. These represent all the votes except for about 400 votes from overseas military members that will be counted by hand. The final tally of the evening looks like this: • President ...

Don't forget your picture ID on Election Day

Alex  Parker

This election, voters are required to show a photo ID in order to cast a ballot Acceptable forms of ID are driver’s license or government-issued nondriver’s ID card; concealed gun permit; U.S. passport; government-issued employee badge; military ID; college student ID; government-issued public assistance card; and ID card issued by ...

Who knew Bill Self was running for president?

Alex  Parker

Mark Boyle, a former news anchor for 6News, who's now working in Louisiana, posted this photo on his Facebook page. We're not sure who Self's running mate is, however. http://www2.ljworld.com/users/photos/2012/nov/05/244253/

Mitt Romney and "Bronco Bamma" make a little girl cry, and a few other election-related videos

Alex  Parker

You think you're tired of the campaign? Did it bring you to tears, and have your distress broadcast worldwide like this four-year-old Colorado girl named Abigael? Young Abigael is fed up with electioneering, and doesn't want to hear anything more about Mitt Romney - or his opponent, "Bronco Bamma." NPR ...

5 things to know for Election Day in Kansas

Alex  Parker

We're less than 24 hours away from Election Day, and we've been following the storylines from across northeast Kansas. For full coverage of the campaigns, you can visit our elections [portal][1]. Tomorrow we'll be bringing you live coverage from across Lawrence and Douglas County, as our reporters and photographers set ...

Live coverage of the 2012 primaries

Alex  Parker

Baldwin turnout grows in late hours Baldwin City’s two downtown polling places closed with a marked difference in turnout. The 62nd Precinct site at the Baldwin City American Legion Hall had 280 voters, or about 21 percent of its 1,353 registered voters. Just minutes before the polls closed at 7 ...

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