Allow me to introduce myself…

Dear readers, Over the past few weeks, many of you have probably been asking yourselves the same questions: Who is this new wordsmith that keeps ...


Top 10 TV-to-Movie Adaptations

["Sex and the City,"][1] "The X-Flies," "Get Smart": It is clear that adaptations of TV shows, both old and new, are going to continue to ...


Evolution in Action

Here we go again in Kansas, haggling about evolution. In the mean time evolution keeps on happening and in unexpected ways. For example, you may ...


LIVE FROM: Day 2 - Big 12 Media Days

Thanks again to all who checked out today's blog. I'll leave you with a few clips.For audio of KU linebacker Mike Rivera answering the media's ...


So Much to See (7/20/2008 +1 day)


Previous: SMTS (7/13/2008) Next:SMTS (7/27/2008) I'm sorry that this is a day late. The commitment to have a new picture every Sunday evening has been ...


LIVE FROM: Big 12 Media Days

5:45 p.m. updateThanks to all who checked out today's blog. Be sure to check back in tomorrow for action from Day 2. We're at a ...


More city construction projects, and the age-old growth debate

Last time on this blog, we discussed how the city budget has a list of major projects the city hopes to build in 2009. In ...


‘Son of Rambow’ sets the artist free

**1/2I love movies about the power of movies.Believe me, I'm not a film critic because I think there's a lot of money in it. I ...


Green Lawn Envy

"A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken."~ James ...


Is Sebelius just the ‘other woman’ in the VP race?

[On The Huffington Report][1] Adele Stan fires back at the contention that Sen. Hillary Clinton is the only woman Sen. Barack Obama can or should ...


Phill Kline for Shawnee County D.A.?


Kline is everywhere.Or, it seems, at least in Johnson County and now, Shawnee County.A letter from Republican incumbent Shawnee County District Attorney Hecht called Kline--the ...


Time magazine cites Perkins as among best sports executives

Time Magazine is asking readers to rank the 35 [best and worst sports executives of 2008][1].And guess who's the only college sports administrator to make ...


Notebook: Kansas Regents Admissions Task Force

So, I know what you're thinking. How can I get the information from a six hour meeting without having to go attend it? Simple! Take ...


Women Priests Ordained

I'm a fan of Eileen Roddy. And her post commemorating Nelson Mandela on his 90th birthday is no exception. After contrasting Mandela's ideals of freedom ...


Spendy rubber vs. really pricey gas

The other day I looked at my back tire and saw the pink casing was showing through the black tread.I needed new rubber, badly, so ...


Take a Poll! Vote for Jenkins or Ryun for GOP 2d Dist. Congress


early, vote as often as the software will let you vote! Who gets to face Democratic U.S. Rep. Nancy Boyda in November general election? Will ...


Sebelius Ranks #1 on CBS Veepstakes List


Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is rated number on CBS News' latest ranking of potential running mates for Sen. Barack Obama. (Hat tip to Hog House Blog!)An ...


Barn Swallow Cafe

Click on picture to enlarge view.




Congratulations to Andrew W. Applegarth who "thought this was the easiest riddle so far." saw the post last night, and knew right where he needed ...


Sebelius Likes Republicans As Long As They’re Not Democrats


just struck me as odd.Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley have sent a letter of support for Democrat Kelly Kultala in the ...


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