Will Phill deKline Tuesday?


mind the primaries for Congress and U.S. Senate.THE BIG RACE in Kansas Tuesday is the primary for Johnson County District Attorney.Pro-Life zealot and incumbent Phill ...


Jewish student center to expand

The [Chabad Jewish Center at Kansas University][1] will almost quadruple in size after purchasing of a duplex this summer, according to [][2].According to Chabad's news ...


To KC and back

It took three buses, a $9 taxi ride, one train and a bit of cheating. But, I did it. I managed to get to Kansas ...


Fire at the Phelps’!

I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea.If someone deliberately set fire to Fred Phelps' and Westboro Baptist Church's property last night, they are ...


Priorities for City spending?

I see from reports in the LJW yesterday and today, that the City doesn't need to spend $1.3million to replace the 10-year old fire-truck that ...


Roberts/Slattery Poll Numbers Make You Go “Hmmm”


no polling expert. I've used polling results for candidates but I'm not a geek on how they are conducted and so forth.But there's just something ...


Treasure Hunt #8 - 1st CLUE: The Elephant Box


Here's clue #1...Near the King, a congruence relation equation marks an entrance: elephant is a symbol of wisdom and good fortune in some Asian cultures. ...


Intense Heat Settles In

A Heat Advisory is in effect through Monday at 8 PM. So far this afternoon we've had a heat index as high as 102 degrees. ...


Clear the way for trucks on 31st Street

It is not the final leg of the South Lawrence Trafficway, but city leaders are beginning to discuss a plan for alleviating the amount of ...


What are the odds?

So exactly what are Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' chances of being Sen. Barack Obama's running mate? Well, [,][1] an online betting site, says the Kansas ...


A Slightly Twisted Carpool Survey

Most people understand the concept of carpooling as an economical option to rising gasoline prices. The issue, however, is less about carpooling as a concept ...


Brownback: Only American Spying Is OK


Kansas Watch posted the video of Kansas U.S. Senator Sam Brownback blasting China for alleged plans to spy on Americans and others who visit China ...


Spammers, Scammers, and Phishers

I'm not a security expert, but I do the following to limit spams/scams, and phishing.1. Be very careful of anything that comes over email. Be ...


Reviewing July Temperatures

The average July high temperature is 90.5 degrees. How does that number compare to this year and the last several? I think that most would ...


On someone else’s timetable

Trains don't wait. It was among my grandmother's favorite sayings and a line her father - a conductor for the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Line ...


Back-to-school crunch: What are you doing?

Yes, it's that time of year again. Time to start restocking on pencils, pens and notebooks. Time to purchase [the perfect new outfit.][1] It's back-to-school ...


How to Bike Commute: Getting Started


are two main reactions I get to the claim that I commute to work (and Red Dog Days, and the farmer's market and the store) ...


Observations on students and politics

During a recent dinner with my brother who is about to start work on his PhD, our conversation, as it often does, veered to politics. ...


Welcome to Schoolhouse Talk

Welcome to Schoolhouse Talk,'s new education beat blog. Education reporters [Lindsey Slater][1] and [Alex Parker][2] edit the blog, and we want to hear from ...


Project Runway Season 5, Episode 3 - Nightlife

After last week's eco-friendly challenge, I expected the contestants on Project Runway to be forced to use thrift-store clothes, or recycled Coke bottles, to make ...


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