New turnpike machines to take personal tolls

Drivers using the new Kansas Turnpike interchange in Leavenworth County won't get a chance to make small talk with a toll collector - unless it's ...


Superintendent Search: A public event

At last night's school board meeting, board members voted to move forward in selecting a national search firm to help select a replacement for Superintendent ...


New local restaurant group ready to party

Another City Commission meeting, another party. Lawrence city commissioners tonight will consider granting a new restaurant group approval to use South Park for a local ...


See You at the Pole encourages school prayer

Wednesday is the 18th annual [See You at the Pole][1] day, which encourages students to stand outside their public schools and pray around the flagpole.According ...


Driving Mr. President

Age may be a protected issue when it comes to hiring practices, but for the highest position in the U.S. government, age could be a ...


What’s that smell?

One of the biggest benefits to cycling is - and I'll try not to get too Zen here - the sensual connection to the world.Trapped ...


CO2 Doesn’t Cause Heating

If humans are affecting climate it has nothing to do with carbon dioxide. The people who talk about greenhouse gases have a very superficial view ...


“Barack was a community organizer, like Jesus was.” Really?

Spoken by Democrat Representative Steve Cohen, on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives during the week of 9-11-08. This offensive statement is being ...


Why your family should eat dinner together tonight


So, today is [CASA Family Day][1], which encourages families to eat dinner together. [ CASA][2], the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at [Columbia ...


Fall-Like Temperatures

The temperatures over the last week or so have been among the best that we have had this year. The average high for the first ...


So Much to See (9/21/2008)


Previous: SMTS 9/14/2008Next: SMTS 9/21/2008Here is the complete picture of Mary's Lake, identified by Coach_Eric, you can CLICK on it for a larger image: #3: ...


Big 12 Conference Week 4 awards

Week 4 has ended. The Big 12 Conference is 34-8 overall with one more weekend of games before conference play begins.It's no secret the Big ...


New England aster


particular aster is from my yard. Taking its picture made me think about all the great things that must be blooming in the local prairies. ...


FEMA Should Be Replaced

I wrote the following essay after Hurricane Katrina suggesting that there is a government agency that is better able to handle disaster response than FEMA. ...


Sgt. Rafael Peralta Deserves a Medal of Honor

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' decision to award Sgt. Rafael Peralta a Navy Cross instead of a Medal of Honor makes no sense.Either Peralta grabbed ...


Charles “Ted Baxter” Gibson

Charles Gibson is the leading candidate for this week's Ted Baxter Award. The award is given to an individual who has done the most to ...


willow-leaved sunflowers


are some willow-leaved sunflowers from my yard. They are about 7 feet tall, but a little sprawl-y. I like them because they're as low-maintenance as ...


Biden: Dan Quayle II

I wasn't much into politics when Dan Quayle was vice president, but I heard enough about his gaffes that I questioned his intelligence, despite his ...


Reporter trains with Army’s border transition team

Army Specialist Jason Neuhaus enjoys being one of the bad guys.At Fort Riley, Neuhaus, of Herrington, is one of the OPFORs, short for "opposing force." ...


Project Runway Season 5, Episode 10 - Working girl


In the world of fashion, "out of touch" is probably the most dreaded phrase imaginable. More than tacky, matchy-matchy or impractical, to be sure. Nope, ...


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