October 24th Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

Lawrence Police and Fire Medical crews were dispatched to an address in the 2400 block of Redbud Lane on a report of a structure fire at 3:58 this morning. Dispatchers reported two callers, one reporting smoke visible with smoke alarms sounding and the second reported a "piece ... Continue reading


High plains guzzling…

Last weekend a friend and I fled west on US 56 about 330 miles to a ranch (owned by friends and relatives) to get away from the local fall festival. The trip was worth every mile. We hunted some ducks on the Walnut river and got one ... Continue reading


What caught my eye at Tuesday’s practice: Oct. 23

Short and sweet for today’s practice recap. Let’s get right to it: • First off, I noticed that senior wide receiver **Daymond Patterson** went through warm-ups and stretching — and looked pretty comfortable doing it — but once the individual drills began, Patterson jumped on the exercise ... Continue reading


Cliff’s Notes: Charlie Weis press conference, 10/23/12

Here is the Cliff's Notes version from Kansas football coach Charlie Weis' comments at his press conference today. Lots of changes to the depth chart this week, especially on the offensive side, with Michael Cummings listed as the starting quarterback and left guard Damon Martin listed as ... Continue reading


Bye-Bye Bounty, week 26: The perfect burger for the impending winter (Boo!)

Well, that’s that. The CSA season is over, and, just like that, winter is coming. Darn it. I suppose distance makes the heart grow fonder, but next spring feels like forever from now. Sigh. Well, when the CSAs do start up again, we’ll be that much more ... Continue reading


Memorable performances mark Lawrence Arts Center’s ‘Threepenny Opera’

Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill’s “The Threepenny Opera” opened last weekend at the Lawrence Arts Center, and fortunately for those who didn’t catch it, the production will run for another weekend, October 26-27-28. Crisply directed by Ric Averill, the show fills the stage with music, color and ... Continue reading


October 23rd Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

Hopefully I don't jinx myself or Lawrence by saying this but, it has been eerily quiet lately. Not much of anything happening between two and eight in the morning. Fire Medical crews responded on a couple medical emergencies this morning. Police did not report making any arrests ... Continue reading


Almost-effortless Santa Fe chicken

Weeknight dinners, before child, often consisted of me lingering over simmering coq au vin, and us eating at 9:30, which was perfectly fine when we had little else to do in the evenings. Now, I have to admit that I've given up much of my dinner snobbishness ... Continue reading


One-year transfers Dayne Crist, Anthony McDonald, Mike Ragone and Josh Williams not making loud impact for Kansas football

Kansas football coach Charlie Weis took advantage of the rule that allows players who have graduated and have a remaining year of eligibility to transfer without sitting out a year by bringing four such college graduates to Lawrence. So far, the four players have not made their ... Continue reading


Don’t make the same mistakes we did — pumpkin craft fails

It only took one touch from a piece of misplaced tape for me to realize my gray-on-white Chevron Pumpkin — looking promising after a flawless basecoat of glossy white spray paint — had turned the corner and was headed straight down the road to Craft Fail City. ... Continue reading


There’s a kit for that — store-bought options do the pumpkin decorating for you

*While Go! editor Katie Bean was out shopping for materials to create the Stocking Pumpkins in [today's Go! cover story][1], something else caught her eye: No-carve pumpkin decorating kits.* *Katie might have been tempted by these all-in-one options, but she stuck with her mission to find patterned ... Continue reading


Monday Rewind: Oklahoma & a closer look at QB Michael Cummings

All right, forget the final score, the details of the blowout or the fact that the Jayhawks seemed to take a one-week hiatus from what had, for the most part, been a pretty promising streak of progress during recent days. We all saw it. And those who ... Continue reading


Well seasoned

As I rode to work the other day, I had a handful of near-death run-ins with squirrels. The glorified tree rats seem more abundant than usual this year as they scurry about readying for winter. They also seem more ample — big boned? — than usual, like ... Continue reading


Meatless Monday recipe of the week: Green tea and tamarind-marinated tofu with vegetables

If you've ever gotten naan at an Indian restaurant, you probably know the wonder that is tangy, fragrant tamarind sauce. It's a fruity, delicious, dippable concoction that is often served with naan, the flat bread cooked on the walls of a tandoori oven. Still not familiar? Trust ... Continue reading


October 21st Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

Lawrence Police responded on seven disturbances this morning. Only one resulting in an arrest for Battery. The Kansas Highway Patrol reported spotting a suspected intoxicated driver southbound on Highway 40 entering Lawrence around 2:15. The Trooper stopped that driver a short distance from his home where he ... Continue reading


KU football pop quiz

Matt Tait’s at the wheel, Nick Krug and Jesse Newell in the back seat on the road to Norman. Needed something to pass the time, so I gave them this mid-season KU football pop quiz: 1. He leads the team in passes defended (interceptions plus pass breakups) ... Continue reading


Kansas tight ends scoring touchdowns and getting ignored outside the red zone

Contrary to the beliefs of so many in the Moneyball camp, numbers don’t define value. But they do trigger deeper looks at issues and influence decisions in all sports. A study of Kansas University football statistics by my friend Gimpy the Stick revealed a paradoxical set of ... Continue reading


October 19th Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

Lawrence Police investigated an early morning accident involving a vehicle which reportedly "rolled over" a person who was lying in the street. The incident occurred shortly after 1:20 this morning near the intersection of N 7th and Ash Streets in north Lawrence. The victim was transported to ... Continue reading


‘The Threepenny Opera’ showcases Arts Center’s desire to expand reputation

If all you think of is “theater for young people” when you think of the Lawrence Arts Center, you don’t know the whole story. “Our reputation is youth theater and family-friendly shows,” says the Arts Center’s Performing Arts Artistic Director Ric Averill. “We want to be known ... Continue reading


Tanner Hawkinson adds to highlight film with block on James Sims’ 30-yard TD run

*For this blog, I have consulted a Div. II offensive assistant coach, someone we'll just call "Coach."* I figured this week would be as good as any to break down a good play for Kansas, so here's running back James Sims' 30-yard touchdown run in the fourth ... Continue reading