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Lawrence man arrested on suspicion of domestic battery, sexual assault charges for second time in two weeks

consumer1, I totally agree. This woman needs to walk, no run from this subhuman.

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Driving decency

Lawrence drivers aren't so bad,in fact most are courteous. Before learning the layout of the land I had a few instances of being in the wrong lane but people were kind enough to let me cut in. Now you try that in Dallas and hell will freeze over before you're let in. I was rear-ended on 23rd St by someone watching the Liberty Tax people dance. They really are a nuisance and a distraction to drivers.

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War's toll: invisible scars

My son returned from Iraq in August 2006.Having no clue what he had been through, I thought he was doing okay . I was living in Texas at the time and he was in Colorado. April 07 he lost it and to make a long story short he was facing a extortion(class 3 felony) charge, 3 counts of menacing, and unlawful discharge of a firearm. I would not bail him out because I feared he would hurt himself or someone else but I did get him a lawyer. He spent 19 months in jail waiting for his trial and was found not guilty by reason of insanity and put in custody of Colorado human services. Before anyone says "Why didn't he go to the VA?" Well he did and they absolutely did him no good. Something has got to be done to help our returning soldiers. I don't think the military, government, or VA know what do but something has to change for ALL of our safety.

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