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Super Sunday

Obviously, my comment on the priority of athletics has risen over the heads of some and naivete has strucken others. My point was simply that the priorities of our society seems to be a bit misguided at best. I promise you: get an education and you most likely will go further in life than sitting in a lounge chair or on a bar stool hooping over a basketball game. Moreover, obviosly your experiences as a faculty member are a bit less understood, for the "individual choice" argument is such a lame one in this case as well as a justification for many decisions, ie smoking, drinking while driving and vice versa, beating your kids, paying taxes etc.

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Super Sunday

Will a large celebration be enjoyed by all when one of our faculty members at KU receives a national award for outstanding scholarly activity? And, will classes be cancelled when the area gets hit with a huge ice or snow storm to ensure the safety of those who need to commute to work and/or class?

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Ugly Jayhawk

Sports, sports, sports, ......ugh!
MOre shameful, is the state of academic affairs and delapidating buildings at KU. Who is squawking about that?

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28 KU students receive tuition waiver

Would someone please explain to me why these tuition waivers were necessary. I have paid tuition without any financial aid for me son even when I found myself unemployed for nearly a year. The data that I have perused indicates that nearly all those in the town of Greensburg had insurance to well cover their expenses. In addition most of those who have lost income from destruction of business are also being compensated through government agencies and or insurance policies. When will this kneejerk welfare end? First illegal immigrants, then overcompensating those who experienced a tragedy albeit more sentimental loss than financial, when will the Regents and others simply afford college for everyone?

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City to explore regulating bars on 'disorderly business' basis

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Domestic registry approved

karensisson-You most definately are not aware of the tremendous legal and politcal costs financially that has erupted when other cities and/or states have implemented these types of registries centered around healthcare etc. The costs are passed on in the form of taxes to maintain the registry etc. Gay diseases are shown in medical research journals to be 2-3 times more prevelant and 3-20 times more expensive. This translates to higher insurance premiums etc. There are arguments that this initiative is not about insurance etc. Well wake up. If one is knowledgable in social movements and social action....the one step at a time motive is definately in the works.

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Domestic registry approved

Why is it that some posters on this site view any disagreement to the registry as "right-wing". How shallow and unimaginative. I am very much a liberal but unlike many Larryville-ites do not "jump" on every bandwagon that appears to be "giving someone the rights" they deserve or seem to want. What happened to the doing what is good for society at the time and not increasing bureaucracy and cost for creating unnecessary registries, policies etc. It truly is as necessary from a analytical point as registering your beer fridges.

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Domestic registry approved

Another unnecessary act paid for by the taxpayers. Maybe we should also have a registry for preferred sexual positions.

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Do you think home schooling is a good option?

I once knew a chinese guy who spoke fluent spanish...does that mean I extrapolate and use that to hold the belief that all chinese guys speak spanish....or that I once knew a college graduate that worked as a laborer...does that mean all college graduates will work as laborers....I once knew a few home-schoolers that were successful...does that mean all or a majority of home-schoolers are successful? We cannot make statements based on personal experiences about general populations or sub populations. Statistically, home-schoolers are granted admission into fewer top tier colleges and unilversities than traditional school graduates. Does that mean home-schooling is not as effective as the traditional route? No, it simply means that the social perception, testing, and application materials may be tailored toward traditional school activities. For me, and I have home-schooled, private schooled, and public schooled, my son and I will opt for what will benefit him the most in society and not tailor to my sometimes wish of being an ideologue.

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Bike races

"Maybe you should go read your drivers' education handbook again. Cycles have the same right to the road that cars do. They have to obey the same rules, also"......maybe they should also pay all the taxes associated with the use of roads and road maintenance.

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