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Saturday Column: How does tie to ‘crazies’ impact Lawrence’s image?

I don't like the term "crazies" either. Sure there is an element of the creative culture who are self-destructive and sometimes out of control - what people call "crazy" when they mean self-destructive in their risk taking, but most of the creative class adds to the society and introduces innovation and unusual perspectives. John Waters focuses on people who are different in a "crazy" way, but what makes big university towns great to live in is the tolerant atmosphere where creativity is nurtured so that people get the best of what an interested, engaged society has to offer. That part of creative society is not "hiding out", they are contributing fully.

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Google Fiber is coming to nine more cities; but Lawrence is not on the list

I would be willing to pay higher taxes in order to get public schools high speed internet and computers. Everyone thought by now that schools would have a wired computer in every classroom, and even in my neighborhood with good schools, the computer lab is in the library which is staffed part time by a librarian paid by parent fundraising, as the budget doesn't cover the salary of enough teachers to teach, let alone supplementary salaries like librarians. The kids get an hour of computer lab a week. We are heavily taxed and the money goes to ill-researched lowest common denominator crap like Common Core instead of to school districts banning together to develop state of the art lectures for our children. We need creative teaching so our kids can compete in the global economy. High speed internet is great, but if the public is going to pay for it, lets invest in our future. Get schools out of the last century. Innovation creates jobs, and we are failing miserably at creating an environment of innovation.

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Return to home for the whooping cranes - and a new perspective for 2014

I think the crane project is brilliant! I think the United States is so successful because of the millions of small projects like this that we have the freedom and resources to do. Nelson Mandela type people are very rare - often instead there are small groups of people working quietly together. There is an undercurrent of people working hard for their families, improving themselves so that they can have a better life, and organizing small meaningful projects in their communities. I think this is generally how change happens, first on a small scale, and when something becomes highly successful, the zeitgeist grabs hold of the idea, and it catches fire. For me this year, my most important focus is me becoming the change I want to see, and most of that is on a very, very small scale, but it is still very important.

I do agree having a bird's eye view of the world is so important, and to look at who you are following to see if they are leading you in the right direction. Here's hoping our leaders can find a way to lead so that we will want to follow!

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The Magic in San Francisco has happened - now, let's do it in Lawrence

Wow, can't wait to go see them! It reminds me of a way larger scale version of these light sculpture artists I really admire. Do a Google image search on loop ph . I can see this type of sculpture being done in programable LED lighting for a downtown arch or for light sculptures along a riverfront that gets night traffic or for parks in downtown areas.

Thanks for the article. Really great!

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Symphony Orchestra in the Congo! Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanguiste

So exquisite! It brought tears to my eyes watching their faces glow with joy and accomplishment. You know, during the cold war, young musicians did music exchanges in the opposing countries and it brought cultures together. I think art draws people together in a way that nothing else can, especially music!

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The Steel Pan - in Lawrence?

When I was a little girl, I loved going to New York City to hear the steel pan on the street corners. It's like hammer dulcimer and the xylophone combined. I wonder how hard it is to make one? That would be a great class, too!

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