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Hillcrest school scraps Halloween parties, plans to eliminate Valentine's Day events

I'm also with Sarah. And, as a room mother who planned many a party for my sons at Schwegler during Helen Norwood's time as principal, I'm disappointed in the school if that is true.

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Analysis: Gay marriage clouds Kansas governor race

Sorry, I rarely comment, but I can't let this stand. Back to the history books for you.

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Renowned sculptor Jim Brothers dies

Jim was an important and enthusiastic part of the WW II Ranger national reunion that was held in Lawrence in 2006. Not only did he show Rangers a slide show of his magnificent work on the D-Day monument, but he and his band performed before the Thursday night dinner. The remaining Rangers still talk about Jim. They will be so sad to know he is gone . . . as am I.

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Opinion: Lawrence unfriendly to new business? You bet!


Answers for you:

No, 23rd Street took decades to develop as it is. I believe it was pretty much rural in the late '40s. When LHS was opened in the mid-50s, some streets in the area weren't even graveled.

I was once a Chamber member, but have not been for many years and I was not a member when I was commissioned to write the Chamber history. My approach to history is simple: I do not believe in "revisionist history." I tell what happened and allow the chips to fall where they may. I do not attempt to clean up history nor do I try to judge it by today's standards.

Questions for you:

Do you know that Hallmark with its well-paying jobs would not be here without the Chamber? Lone Star likely would not have been built by the CCC without the Chamber? Do you know that the Chamber engineered cleanup and help for those whose homes were flooded during the 1951 Flood? Do you know about the Chamber's involvement in pushing for the building of Allen Fieldhouse? Do you know of the Chamber's successful efforts to calm the troubled waters of the 1970s?

If you want to know the answers to these questions and more, you can find them in the Chamber history at the library. You might be surprised at what you discover. --MHG

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Which is your favorite Lawrence public high school mascot?

Chesty was created and drawn by Paul Coker (Mad Magazine, Hallmark Cards and character designer for a great many classic Rankin-Bass cartoons such as Frosty the Snowman, et al). It doesn't get much better than that.

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Sales tax creep

Lawrence should get its share of the sales tax I pay ONLY IF I buy within the city; when I buy in Lenexa or Overland Park, those cities benefit from the sales tax I pay. That is source based and it makes sense to me because I am using streets (and possibly other services) partially funded by taxpayers in those cities.

Also remember that when California or New York businesses sell online -- or Missouri dealers sell cars -- to Kansas residents, those states DO benefit handsomely from the income and other taxes the businesses pay to the state where they are located. Further, those states benefit from the income and other taxes paid by the workers the businesses employ.

We are in absolute agreement that city officials and others make it extremely difficult for businesses to locate in Lawrence. Nearly every alphabet group in town, including such unlikely groups as LAN and LWV, fought Target locating in Lawrence. Target undeniably has been a huge benefit to the city in the real estate and sales taxes that it pays and the contributions to local charities that it makes. Now the city is making it difficult for Lowe's. That makes no sense to me.

While we may never see eye to eye on this issue of taxation, the current law, according to Kansas Department of Revenue, is in my favor. But I greatly enjoy civilized discourse and you are providing it, gr. Thank you.

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Sales tax creep

I’ll tell you why taxing at the source is not a good idea. Under that plan, if a rural Douglas County resident orders items from California or New York, those states would benefit from the sales tax that is paid. Destination taxation means that the State of Kansas receives 6.3 cents and Douglas County receives one cent of every dollar a Douglas County resident spends online … regardless of where the seller is located.

Buying a big ticket item, like a vehicle, where the purchaser can get the best deal -- especially if that purchase includes saving hundreds in sales tax -- is simply smart business. Savvy consumers shop for the best bargains in clothing and groceries and it is even more important to look for a bargain in a big ticket item. Also remember that a Douglas County resident who purchases a car in Missouri will pay sales tax to Kansas and Douglas County, not to Missouri and not to the City of Lawrence, when he or she registers it.

I believe you are correct in saying Lawrence doesn’t want businesses. City officials may say otherwise, but their actions belie their words. I much prefer to shop in Lawrence and when I do, the city gets its share of the taxes I pay. However, in order to purchase items I want, I am often driven (no pun intended) to shop in the Kansas City metro area.

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