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Detective sounded alarm about ticket fixing a year before police department launched investigation

I appreciate the Journal-World investigating and writing this story following former LPD Sergeant Monroe's address to the City Commission. I know only what I have read over the years about the course of this investigation, but it has always seemed to me that Monroe got a raw deal. Voiding a ticket because a fellow officer asks you to do so is different from making an arrangement with someone who provides you with athletic tickets. I do not know Monroe today, but think he is the hard-working and personable kid who long-ago often carried my groceries to my car. Even if he isn't that kid, I believe he deserved better from the city than he received. He carried himself well when he refused to resign, appealed, sued and has continued to do everything in his power to regain his reputation.

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Lawsuit filed against city over denial of south Iowa Street shopping center

I personally hope the lawsuit is successful. Lawrence is no longer regarded as that vibrant, progressive city on the hill that it once was.

My husband and I love walking the bike/pedestrian paths along the bypass as well as those walkways through the Wetlands. Who do we have to thank for those? Not the city. Not those who opposed the bypass and delayed it for decades, increasing its cost by millions.

One more thing: I'm sure Michigan Street lines up on a map with the road through the Wetlands, but why didn't someone get creative and name it something appropriate like Wetlands Drive or Baker Avenue?

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Web of lies, indifference to justice led to wrong Kansas brother being imprisoned for more than 15 years

I cannot understand why the sheriff said Tom Bledsoe passed his lie-detector test "with flying colors" when he knew he failed. Or why a stop order on DNA testing of the rape kit was issued and signed by the county attorney, the sheriff and a KBI special agent. Worse, that Bledsoe's attorney was told the testing results were inconclusive. It certainly appears that members of law enforcement colluded to frame Floyd Bledsoe. I wonder what they see when they look in the mirror.

On the other side, those law students and lawyers who work for KU and the Midwest Innocence Projects are absolutely amazing. They did a fantastic job for Floyd Bledsoe . . . and for all of us who believe in justice.

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Judge throws out 2000 murder conviction, frees Oskaloosa man after 15 years in prison

For weeks now, Jefferson County law enforcement and the judge who sentenced Floyd Bledsoe have known that he was an innocent man wrongfully imprisoned. The judge has likely known for quite some time that he would set aside Bledsoe's sentence and release him. Why then were his feet shackled during his court appearance? It seems a final and unnecessary humiliation.

I don't believe Bledsoe can be compensated for losing 15 years of his life, but I hope he is financially compensated to a degree that allows the cows he wants to milk to be from his own herd on his own ranch.

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Original suspect in girl's murder dies of apparent suicide as case about to be revisited

Kudos to the KU Project for Innocence and the Midwest Innocence Project for their efforts to free an innocent man. DNA doesn't lie; people do.

Back in 2000, when I read an excellent article about this case in Pitch -- -- I wondered how those charged with arresting and prosecuting Floyd Bledsoe, as well as those on the jury judging him, could reach the conclusion that he was guilty.

A telling bit of evidence was the first story told by Floyd Bledsoe's 2-year-old son which blamed his Uncle Tom for the murder. Very young kids report; they lie only when prompted by adults to do so.

The guilty need to be punished; the innocent should be released. In this case, the innocent should never have been convicted on the sole testimony of the apparently guilty. What a very sad case.

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Hillcrest school scraps Halloween parties, plans to eliminate Valentine's Day events

I'm also with Sarah. And, as a room mother who planned many a party for my sons at Schwegler during Helen Norwood's time as principal, I'm disappointed in the school if that is true.

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Analysis: Gay marriage clouds Kansas governor race

Sorry, I rarely comment, but I can't let this stand. Back to the history books for you.

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Renowned sculptor Jim Brothers dies

Jim was an important and enthusiastic part of the WW II Ranger national reunion that was held in Lawrence in 2006. Not only did he show Rangers a slide show of his magnificent work on the D-Day monument, but he and his band performed before the Thursday night dinner. The remaining Rangers still talk about Jim. They will be so sad to know he is gone . . . as am I.

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Opinion: Lawrence unfriendly to new business? You bet!


Answers for you:

No, 23rd Street took decades to develop as it is. I believe it was pretty much rural in the late '40s. When LHS was opened in the mid-50s, some streets in the area weren't even graveled.

I was once a Chamber member, but have not been for many years and I was not a member when I was commissioned to write the Chamber history. My approach to history is simple: I do not believe in "revisionist history." I tell what happened and allow the chips to fall where they may. I do not attempt to clean up history nor do I try to judge it by today's standards.

Questions for you:

Do you know that Hallmark with its well-paying jobs would not be here without the Chamber? Lone Star likely would not have been built by the CCC without the Chamber? Do you know that the Chamber engineered cleanup and help for those whose homes were flooded during the 1951 Flood? Do you know about the Chamber's involvement in pushing for the building of Allen Fieldhouse? Do you know of the Chamber's successful efforts to calm the troubled waters of the 1970s?

If you want to know the answers to these questions and more, you can find them in the Chamber history at the library. You might be surprised at what you discover. --MHG

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Which is your favorite Lawrence public high school mascot?

Chesty was created and drawn by Paul Coker (Mad Magazine, Hallmark Cards and character designer for a great many classic Rankin-Bass cartoons such as Frosty the Snowman, et al). It doesn't get much better than that.

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