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Lawrence man arrested after being accused of stealing ex-girlfriend's car keys in 900 block of Massachusetts Street

She said it, it must be true.

Did they find him with the keys?

I am a male victim of Domestic Violence. She was never prosecuted. No one cared. I did finally find out that it was at least in the KBI statistics for domestic violence.

To this day the city, county, and state do not acknowledge it. The police were called and did not do the WRITTEN procedures. I filed a complaint and no one cared.

They only care what a woman says, TRUE or FALSE, no proof needed. She said it, well it must be true. Guilty until proven innocent.

The comments on this article indicate how screwed up the attitudes are. NOWHERE is there a shred of evidence given that the person accused did what was said. The fact that the police haven't charged him really point the other direction.

The comments certainly don't follow the facts.

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President Barack Obama's birth certificate released by White House

It came up for McCain, the person that ran against him. I believe that McCain is white, as you call it.

So much so that there were hearings in the legislative branch to see if he was qualified to hold the office.

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President Barack Obama's birth certificate released by White House

Not true if you follow the FACTS.

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President Barack Obama's birth certificate released by White House

Not true.

Had he done this BEFORE running or when the question first arose then it would have been done and over. NEVER an issue.

I do, however, care about out country. There are rules. HE SWORE to PROTECT AND DEFEND the constitution.(I listened VERY closely so that I could make sure of that) Then, and before, he refused to produce a document that the would show that he had a CONSTITUTIONAL qualification to hold the office.

To those that say "if he was white". McCain, his opponent, with two american parents born on a military base, had HEARINGS HELD IN legislative branch about his eligibility to ensure his CONSTITUTIONAL qualifications.

This, the whole failure and ensuing court cases, has turned up a lot more questions than answers for me. Why would an ordinary citizen of the country not be allowed to ask for and expect to receive this? Does the constitution not protect us?

A man who had the RIGHT and RESPONSIBLITY to ensure that Obama was ligit went to prision because the COURTS wouldn't allow him his constitutional right to the information.

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, I thank you for your courage. You should be honored, not imprisiooned.

To produce this document is very easy for most people. Why would he spend Thousands and HUNDREDS OF THOUHSANDS not to?

A question that arises for me now, not because he is who he is but because he fought so hard not to produce it earlier, IS THIS A FORGERY?

To those who say that "someone said they saw it and that is good enough". You must believe that all people are honest, espeacially politicians. I don't agree.

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City may require businesses with special tax to post signs

Do what I will and it may change. Watch your receipts closely. When you see the tax that is talked about on the receipt, return the item and STATE WHY to the merchant.

It is one thing to tax for the public use(support the government services). It is totally WRONG to tax and give to the PRIVATE sector. If I want to give my money to a private sector individual or business that is for me to do not for the government.

Once again the government thinks that they know how to spend MY money better than I do.


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‘Christian terrorism’ is a jarring, but accurate, term

Quoted from the article "Sometimes, I think the only thing that keeps us from becoming, say, Afghanistan, is a strong central government and a diverse population with a robust tradition of free speech."

What did the group do? So far it is only speech. Censored speech. Kind of silly to talk about free speech and what is happening to this group in the same sentence based on what has been published.

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Rape or consensual sex?

This scenario, according to the law, is rape, based on what was written. According to the law that has been posted, BOTH of them were raped AND guilty of rape. Or neither is.

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Couple injured in domestic dispute taken to hospital

Interesting. We know very little from reading the article yet everyone, even the police, are blaming the man. As a male victim of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and knowing that:
1) women are more prone to attack another person
2) neither had life threatening injuries(difficult to believe if a man hit someone)
3) the man was not in the home when the police arrived(men tend to withdraw)
leads me to believe that the woman started this.

Don't know for sure. We don't have enough information.

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Man arrested on battery, domestic battery, firearms charges

Ceallach, here is an answer to your other statement, although I would say this is an extreme.

from the blogs/crimescene
"According to an affidavit that was filed in support of the federal criminal complaint, Bernet and Lindsey D. Crawford, 23, of Kansas City, Mo., hired Reabe to stage an attack. They offered to pay Reabe $100,000, the affidavit says, to physically assault both of them and to sexually assault Crawford. When Reabe carried out the attack, assaulting the women as planned in Crawford’s garage, they allegedly filed a fraudulent report with the Kansas City, Mo., Police Department."

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Man arrested on battery, domestic battery, firearms charges

Ceallach, NO WHERE did I say that it should not be investigated or that all women file false charges. Again, like in the earlier posts, you are JUMPING to conclusions that are not neccessarily true. Thus my original post and your post proving me correct.

Thank you for supporting my post.

Forget the facts. Forget the truth. Forget the law. A man was involved so he MUST be guilty.

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