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Rally speakers blast Democratic administration

I live outside of kansass,I find it hard to comprehend the shallow minds in your state. I grew up in Lawrence, and saw the hate and intolerance shown by Kansans. I am so very happy to have left such a sorry place. Please dump the right wing and your state will improve. Otherwise ,the rest of the country,at least above the mason-dumb-ass line will leave you behind.

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Legislator, law enforcement officials call for end to K2

Out law booze and cigs if you cops really want to do good, otherwise bugger off.

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Kansas ranks high on U.S. religious index

We all complain about the muslim right wing ,yet christians embrace the same argument , my god is bigger than yours, how childish

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Hooray for Mr. Roth , glad to hear he is still there counting. . Mr.Roth is a lawrence legend among many of his ex students.

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U.S. ready to revisit anti-drug strategy

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Principled stand?

Can you say KKK?

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A political note

Typical right wing letter from someone who cannot string a single thought into a coherent argument.

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Manginos have left positive impressions on community

The only impression would be from his fat ass on his easy chair

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Realism needed in drug, alcohol policy

The problem with the anti marijuana side is that they cannot seem to understand that marijuana is NOT addictive. I repeat for the uninformed, marijuana is NOT addictive.The hard drugs should be separate from marijuana. Anyone who actually has studied the facts knows this. There is ,maybe 10 % of he public who have addictive personalities that will abuse whatever there is .If marijuana was addictive and it led to hard drugs ,you would have millions and millions of addicts over the age of 45.We do not. Please, those of you uninformed on this subject, such as the police and their political allies read up on what is really going on .You are being willfully ignorant ,and it appears that you are proud of your ignorance.The marijuana side of the drug war is over, some states just are not up to date on the facts.

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Realism needed in drug, alcohol policy

More propaganda from the police. Beer and tobacco are the gateway drugs,everyone knows this,except the police . The fact is, police have to admit they have,along with political and the church leaders jailed millions of innocent people for marijuana.The police have stolen peoples houses and property. The police have destroyed millions of families with the lie that marijuana is evil.All of this to try to control people . Where I live marijuana is a common fact of life for millions .It is harvest time , and growers are winning the war on medical marijuana in 14 states. Next year California votes on recreational use of the good weed. Other states will follow.

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