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Optimism, laughter have been key for Lawrence resident with rare form of asthma

Great story. Incredible person and family.

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Brownback draws fresh criticism for choice of appointment to state medical board

"What luck for rulers that men do not think."

Not sure who said it, but Sam has sure taken that and run with it.

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Dean’s firing reveals broader concerns at KU Medical Center

It must remembered that academia attracts a lot of prima donnas (or they're attracted to academia, nor sure which). Undoubtedly, there are a number of them involved in this cat fight. Turf wars abound, egos get bruised, and the wheels on the bus go round and round. There is nothing here that doesn't go on at any other major university/academic medical center. It's just a little more public at KUMC, right now.

It seems that the the name of the game right now is NCI designation at ALL costs --- even if that means throwing people under the bus. I do agree that the Chancellor needs to exert some leadership, though. Certainly the previous Chancellor was clueless. I don't hold out great hopes, though, seeing how she handled the KUAC fiasco. Seems like Barbara Atkinson is Lew Perkins in a dress.

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signs Kris Kobach's bill requiring photo ID at polls

Mr. Kobach wrote this law to pole-vault over a mouse turd. The sad part about it was that he used fear as an instrument to convince enough dim-witted legislators to go along with this ruse. Now, the taxpayers of Kansas are going to have to spend how many dollars in court defending the constitutionality of this law---you just know that someone is going to challenge it. For what? A non-existent problem that this clown dreamt up while high on himself. He is truly a legend in his own mind. The good news is that, until it's struck down, we'll get to actually see how small of a mouse turd voter fraud really is in Kansas. Oh sure, a couple of people are going to get caught, and it's going to make the headlines, and Mr. Kobach is going to be standing there like a proud peacock, puffing out his chest and showing off his feathers, along with the other dim-wits who think this is a good thing. Losers, the whole lot of 'em!

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Kansas Highway Patrol investigates whether drugs contributed to double-fatality Saturday afternoon on K-10

I also know that no matter how much we argue with you, I can tell your the type of person that can not see another's point of view.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander as well.

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Kansas Highway Patrol investigates whether drugs contributed to double-fatality Saturday afternoon on K-10

Sounds like crnm4 has "issues". I feel sorry for her, actually, that she is unable to recognize good in other human beings.

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Statehouse Live: Base state aid to Kansas schools drops under Brownback budget plan

Not a whole lot of defenders of Sammy here today. Fact of the matter is, taxes have been cut too much by the previous Republican-controlled legislatures for purely political purposes, and now even basic government services are being axed. ((&__)(_)(&*& Republiturds.

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Brownback proposes phasing out state funding for Kansas Arts Commission

Penny-wise, pound-foolish.

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Yoder picked to serve on House Appropriations Committee

Relax SeaBee. This guy is just a freshman congressman. He's a legend in his own mind. He won't have enough clout to hold the soiled hankie of John Boehner. I'm more worried about him driving in Washington DC in a manner such that a cop has to ask him to take a sobriety test.

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Free Lunch for KU Faculty

Nice discussion here, until Uncle Tom sticks his nose in here and injects national politics (which have nothing to do with the topic at hand) into it. Tom is a troll. A Very immature one, I might add. He is not interested in debating anything. I sort of feel sorry for the poor sop.

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