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Stegall wins Senate confirmation to Kansas Court of Appeals

To go along with former prosecutors Justice Moritz (former AUSA), Justice Rosen (former ADA), Justice Johnson (former city attorney), and Justice Biles (former Asst. AG - litigation). Or in the Court of Appeals - Judge Pierron (former ADA), Judge Hill (former County Attorney), Judge Buser (former ADA), Judge Atcheson (former ADA), and Judge Arnold-Burger (former Asst. City Attorney and former AUSA). But otherwise, you're right. It's great to finally get a prosecutor on the appellate bench.

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Senate committee recommends Stegall for appeals court

I saw his example of giving a drink of water as "forcible resistance" published elsewhere. But I also saw that Stegall said he is a champion of using/interpreting the "plain meaning of words." I wish someone on the committee would have asked him for his view of the plain meaning of "forcible resistance."

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Public invited to give input on rental licensing and inspection program

The fact that the SCOTUS declined to hear the case does not mean that there is a lack of a real constitutional issue. They like to let issues percolate in the lower courts and will usually only accept an issue for review once there is a split of authority.

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Public invited to give input on rental licensing and inspection program

Similar code enforcement laws have been subject to lawsuits. If the renters don't want the inspections, should they have a lower expectation of privacy in their home than those who own their homes?


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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

Meanwhile federal employees are taking furloughs ...

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Brownback, Schmidt, law enforcement team up to call for quick fix to 'Hard 50' law

Schmidt said the state should "stop this problem from growing ever larger by fixing the statute prospectively as soon as possible."

Did he finally realize that a retroactive law would be unconstitutional?

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Benefits, costs of ‘Hard 50’ special session debated

If they use the special session to pass a law that is retroactive, and thus unconstitutional, then yes it can wait. If they use it to simply write a new Hard-50 statute that applies going forward, I don't have a problem with that. But let's be real here, no one who deserves a Hard-50 is getting out on their first few attempts at parole (if ever).

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Benefits, costs of ‘Hard 50’ special session debated

So they are asking for a special session to replace one unconstitutional sentencing statute with another unconstitutional sentencing statute (one that attempts to apply retroactively to crimes already committed)? Sounds like a good use of tax money. At least they'll also be adding to the cost of litigating these cases, which is also paid for by taxpayers.

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U.S. Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage could affect Kansas

A Catholic wrote the opinion.

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New judicial-selection plan fails

Not true. All attorneys take an oath when they are sworn into the bar.

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