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Kansas ranks last in science

blue73harley - Arkansas takes offense at your statement. At least we made a D. :-P

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Mirecki treated after roadside beating

On behalf of the state of Arkansas let me extend our thanks for this and the rest of the ID debacle in your state. You see our state doesn't rank favorably in studies of poverty, education, bigotry, or violent crime. However, Louisiana always keeps us out of last place in poverty, Mississippi makes us look like Rhodes Schollars, and Kentucky has more incest (at least we like to think so). We can always count on our nieghbors to look worse than we do... well other than that whole thing with desegregation and the national guard being called in and everything, but everybody's forgotten about that... right?

So we are all happy to see the great states of Oklahoma, and Kansas so vehemently supporting outdated superstitions even to the point of violence. By comparison, we all look like progressives, even though half our counties are stuck in prohibition. So again, thank you Kansans. We are as happy to stand next to you as a moderately attractive girl is happy to stand next to a fat chick.

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