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Homeless shelter proposal wins permit approval

The people in the picture I recently saw at McDonald's on 6th and they have a newborn baby too. They eat out and continue to have children they can't support. What a joke! Those children should be taken from them. Maybe instead of reproducing they should spend some time looking for a job.

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Las Vegas searching for "high risk" runaway possibly spotted in Lawrence

A picture might be helpful-you can find it online. Not too difficult Journal World!

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City of Lawrence being asked to establish campsite for homeless people

I am in shock that they are even considering this! Lets drag a couple more homeless to Lawrence by providing them with a campsite. And governing it themselves. That is the best part. I am sure it would be alcohol and drug free-hahaha! They should be working on a plan concerning how to get rid of the ones we have rather than get more. What about the people that have homes in the area and actually work for a living now they have to tolerate these bums. NO WAY!

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Faulty system

"extravagant cost" tell me what should be the charge for raising, feeding, and nurturing a child? The most important thing in a parents life (or at least supposed to be)? If you aren't going to do these things yourself then yes you have to pay what ever the charge so deal with it!

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Faulty system

Here's an idea-they are your children and yes you have to pay for their care. Why should the government cover your child care? You chose to have kids and now they are YOUR responsibility. It amazes me that people think they should get help because they are having a hard time affording something. Get a second job and make some adjustments instead of trying to push your responsibility off on someone else. The system is not in place for people to take advantage of and this is why we are in so much trouble as a society. No one wants to take responsibility for their children. Instead of looking for a hand out start looking for a better job or make some changes in your budget!

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Extra Minutes: Kansas State 84, Kansas 75

Anyone from K-State that is on here is the actual loser! You guys are alright this year and yes you snapped that pathetic HOME losing streak; wow way to go! Enjoy it now because when Mr Beasley leaves you will be back to pathetic again. And how many years now has KU beaten your sad little football team you are all so proud of? Get a grip your little ag school is not known for athletics and never will be. Actually it's not known at all outside of the state of Kansas. You're known for hicks, cowboys, farm animals, small town trash, farm house, professors in prison for killing their ex-wives and that girlish purple you all love so much. Like I said enjoy it now; it's almost over!

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Jayhawk fans seeing Orange

It was nice watching your "Heisman candidate" (ha ha) quarterback crack under the pressure of the OU defense. KU deserves the BCS bowl bid and all you Missouri fans have left is your sorry bowl bid and whining on our local newspaper blog. I can just imagine all of you throwing your arms in the air when the BCS bids were read. Just like your quarterback did when he threw that interception that was the unofficial end to your season! So sorry about that!

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Saturday upsets muddle KU's bowl outlook

So sorry Claire Missouri doesn't get a bcs bowl bid! Two losses. And Kansas does take that and all your predictions and ratings and shove it!

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KU's perfect season spoiled by Tigers

You are an idiot! And for your information we are now a basketball and football school-something someone from Missouri would know nothing about! Enjoy yourself now, because your little football team does not have what it takes to win the Big 12 or much less a national championship. In typical Mizzou fashion it will be a major fall from grace here very shortly!

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Homeless numbers drop nationally, not locally

Put up or shut up huh? Are you trying to say we can help these people? Well here is a newsflash for you geek-there is no helping people like this!! They will sponge off the system until there is nothing left and then move on to sponge off someone else. They do not want to work and they do not want anything better for themselves. So how do you propose we "help" them? I would have no problem helping someone who wants to help themselves. Too bad that is not the case. I don't feel I am more entitled to anything; I have earned my living. And I have earned it without any free meals from the city or spare change from patrons downtown.

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