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High school notebook: FSHS football mixing it up

I think this is a question for the coach then. I don't think it would cost more to have a forth team of soccer players. I agree that every kid who wants to participate, should have the opportunity. I don't think every football coach, baseball coach, basketball coach is on USD salary. The programs have volunteers who coach all those teams. Maybe soccer could have a few more volunteer coaches to have a forth team. Again, I think all kids should have the OPPORTUNITY to participate. I know not every kid gets to be in scholars bowl, National Honor Society or the Principle's honor roll, but all are given the OPPORTUNITY to be on those things.

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High school notebook: FSHS football mixing it up

Football is (besides the constant movement of soccer) a much more physical sport, more injuries, etc. Therefor, the team needs the numbers to compete, so they don't cut. If it is a budget issue, the soccer program should raise money like baseball, softball and other under-funded sports do. If it is an interest issue, just look in the stands on Friday nights compared to a soccer game, that will give you your answer.

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Lions' 1984 girls basketball champs reunite for Hall of Fame honor

Sorry, missed that part of the article.

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Lions' 1984 girls basketball champs reunite for Hall of Fame honor

This seems like a big deal, I wonder why only six players were there.

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Together again: LHS coach, pitcher reunite on Cape

This is the relationship coaches and players should have with each other. Obviously they both have had a positive impact on each other. Something for each to be proud of.

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Lawrence High v. Free State football

Excellent job photographers. These are excellent shots of not only the game, but the whole atmosphere. Keep it up.

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Lions rushers slam Leavenworth, 46-26

Leave the kids out of this. My comments on Lisher were a complement, not a complaint. He does control himself and does a good job coaching. My comments for haters pointed out the people who bash the play calling, strategies, etc. of coaches. I have never said anything about kids. This is not forum to talk about 17 year old kids. The mirror test is good enough for me to see how I feel about protecting kids. I don't need a "grandma" to tell me how to guard children. Believe me grandma, you or any other 'blogger' start turning your negative comments toward a kid, and you will have me and 90% of Lawrence on you like stink on you know what. I agree, keeping language clean is good for kids, but so is success on the field. It is hard to find complements for coaches, they tend to get all the blame and non of the credit. I'd bet they don't care, that is why I care for them. I help kids in different forums, not battleing a "grandma" on line.

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Lions rushers slam Leavenworth, 46-26

It is funny how you respond to a very general question I posted. What makes you think I was talking to you? Are you a hater? There wasn't one ounce of gloating in my comments. I'm simply commenting that after the one loss there were several comments. After the wins there are relatively few. Don't be blinded by Coach Lisher's chior boy talk on the field. He and Wedd are cut from same old-school football cloth. Lisher does an exellent job controling his language and is an excellent coach, but I guarantee you the F-bombs flow when it is just the coaches. I have never once made my comments Free State vs. Lawrence. I don't feel that way. My comments stem from people who wont give credit when credit is due, but are all too ready to lower the bombs when blame is due. Is that you Grandma? I never said it was, but you sure defend yourself like it is you.
By the way, there will be no gloating about the Lions from me. Consider me a guardian angle for coaches.

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Lions rushers slam Leavenworth, 46-26

Hey Haters, when do we fire Wedd? Could it be that he is a good coach? It is easy to dump on people when things go wrong, but I haven't seen one complement for the coaches all season. The only negative ones, you may ask? Week two, the Lion's only loss. Go Lions!

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Veritas football loses to Frankfort, 32-22

Why is it when Veritas wins there are quotes, photos and long stories; then they play a school with actual tradition and get beat there is a few paragraphs?

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