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It's too damn crazy hot!

It's so hot, Hell is sending people to Kansas.

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Excessive heat warning extended to Sunday evening; temperatures climb highest so far this year

It's so hot I heard Hell was sending people to Kansas.

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What was your favorite television show when you were a kid?

The Banana Splits

Tra, la, la,,,tra, la ,la, la....tra la,, la, la, la

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Joel Hernandez, 22, wipes away tears as he apologizes to the Leek family for his role in the death o

Who made the rule that respect must be 'earned' and not 'given'? Is it not more human to give respect first. Respect your fellow man until they have proven they don't deserve your repsect or rather yet give them a second chance to keep the respect given to them.

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Song Blog: It's What Your Wearin' !

Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress- Hollies

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Dead Bars I Used To Love

There was a beer joint in the 600 or 700 block of Mass, west side, that had a black and white tiled floor. I can't think of the name though.

I haven't been in the Pool Room for about 18 years. I'm surprised it has lasted this long. J. Watsons 21 club was there.

Harbour Lights was too rough.

I can't afford to drink at bar's much anymore. I guess I didn't need the money for other things back than like I do now. House payment, kids, etc. I am resolved to drink at home or at my friends homes.

I did enjoy a schooner at Louises a couple of weeks ago. First time in about 20 years.

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Dead Bars I Used To Love

I spent a lot of money at J Watsons on beer and videos. It was the best place to shoot pool. I still miss it. Management sucked though. I guess that's why they went out of buisness. They owned Harry Bears burger joint downtown too.

Spent the eve of my 18th B day at the Time Out. South Iowa around 25th street. My friends counted down the seconds to midnight and then proceded to throw cups and pitchers of beer on me.

My first 'drunk at a bar' was at Louise's when I was 16 or 17. They never carded back then.

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My two favorite Jayhawks of all time are Drew Gooden and Thomas Robinson and they both wear the same

"Actually" What's up with the vocab lesson in the response? and "anyway" the question was regarding those who wore number 0 not 00.

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Song Title and Lyric Game: Your Favorite Swan Songs of Farewell

Elton John- Funeral for a Friend/ Love Lies Bleeding

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