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Opinion: GOP tackles nonexistent problem

My read of Pitts' comments is he doesn't hate anyone, but the things they stand for. That's a distinct possibility, one that not everyone understands.

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Kris Kobach now a Douglas County voter

But he is the head election guy. Just sayin.....

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20 GOP lawmakers from Kansas attending ALEC convention

No credible evidence exists that privatized schools create any better educational results than public schools. Regardless of that, it is anathema to me that I would pay taxes to support public schools and have them diverted to private schools, having little to no public input into curriculum, leaving much doubt as to the quality of the education received. Further, privatization most often leads to religious affiliation of those schools, and that, in itself, is not acceptable.

There always remains much to be improved, but school privatization does not address that in any way better than public schools.

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20 GOP lawmakers from Kansas attending ALEC convention

Senator, you have the numbers, and you know that. Why, in heaven's name, did we just go through the courts to discover that school funding is less that it was and needs to be adjusted? I'm not going to produce charts and pictures: you are aware of the funding downturn, or at least, in your position as a lawmaker, should be. If not, as I said before, maybe you should not be.

As to Medicare, i still challenge you to defend the language you used in your comment. Nowhere, in any Medicaid language I have seen, is there a command to "give" health care dollars to "able bodied adults, with no dependent children". That you throw that statement out is evidence that you think in terms of tea-party rhetoric, and not in terms of reality. I understand perfectly well that the various states are required to pay a portion of Medicaid costs, but that was not my point. Again, you drew back from a factual question and hid behind rhetoric.

If you are to be in a position of authority in this state, you are believed to be knowledgeable in the way you legislate for your citizens. Continuing to push the non-factual rhetoric you offered here is not only not knowledgeable, but is, in fact, dishonest.

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Opinion: Deep down we know: Health care is a right

"Or the damage it would cause to our health care industry." And that's your bottom line, isn't it, Armen? That the industry might not make as many wealthy as it does under the present system. Does Medicare pay for your "boob job" (now that's a pretty picture!) or acupuncture or plastic cosmetic elective surgery? Why throw out silly-isms and not go to the essence of "health care"? Because you don't want to is the best answer, followed closely by you don't want to think any deeper than your knee-jerk reaction to anything.

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Opinion: Deep down we know: Health care is a right

Such pithy thinking. Thanks for shedding light on this subject. NOT.

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Opinion: Deep down we know: Health care is a right

Why put health care above any other need? Those things are necessities for anyone, and trying to deny that is simply inhumane. What the heck is wrong with looking at the monetary side of lack of health care: bankruptcy, substandard living conditions, welfare (I know you guys hate that), you know, the things that YOU and I end up paying for in the long run anyway. So why deny that basic to anyone? Are you so selfish that you think only of the "cost" of the program rather than the longer-term results of lack of it? Seems to me that we all will pay the cost, regardless, so why not create a universal care program that will make it less likely that anyone will become too ill and too poor to stay alive and productive?

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Trump questions motive of states not turning over voter data

Of course Chump is questioning the motives of others: liars always question other people because they can't fathom that they might not have lied. Chump has lied about widespread voter fraud, thus there is widespread voter fraud, and those who deny that are liars. QED.

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Opinion: Witch hunt? Then you believe this

The thing about Bob Summers, as well as the fairly large number of those who actually support Chump, is that they are in the throes of a condition that makes it impossible for them to change their (ahem) minds even when confronted with facts averse to their (ahem) beliefs. That's why we keep seeing significant numbers of people make stupid, lying, diverting comments even though confronted with facts diametrically opposed to their (ahem) beliefs. The bottom line is that they haven't the intellectual honesty to actually question things that can not in any way be true because that would require that they actually think for themselves rather than become sponges who soak up stupidity.

They will not answer you in concrete terms, if at all, but will continue spouting utter nonsense until they turn blue. Oh, I'm sorry, most of them are already blue. Sorry. Carry on.

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20 GOP lawmakers from Kansas attending ALEC convention

K-12 funding took a large hit with the "block grant" program, which, coincidentally, was supported by your ALEC handlers, and you know it. If you don't, you need not be in the position of handling our state's business. Medicaid expansion did no such thing, and you also know that. It would simply have made available to those who could not work, children, aged, you know, those dredges on society that you and yours don't see as important enough to protect. I recall no language in the expansion suggestions telling states they had to "give" health dollars to "able bodied adults, with no dependent children". Perhaps you'd provide the language contained in ANY expansion bill that included that. You may "believe" that's what was proposed, but it would be interesting to know just how much and what parts of any expansion proposal you have actually read.

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