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Letter to the editor: Let’s be honest

^^^This^^^. Thank you

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Letter to the editor: Let’s be honest

Really? What's to stop it? The good will of the owners and shareholders of the coal companies? Get a clue, Armen.

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GOP health bill would leave 23 million more uninsured, analysts say

First, this bill, as forwarded to the Senate, will never again see the light of day.

Second, it is inconceivable that it ever got out of the House, as its only redeeming features are a hefty tax decrease for the wealthy and its promise to lower the deficit. It raises health care cost for the older of us, makes health care more expensive for everyone, and does not address the core concerns that made the ACA come into existence in the first place.

Those who voted in favor of this travesty stand on Regressive ideology only, and not on their vow to represent the best interests of the people of the United States. Politics as usual, I guess.

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Kansas House passes K-12 funding bill despite warnings that court will reject

I'm really concerned that the Court will back down this time. Funding is demonstrably increased, but the law seems to not address the special needs student directly, as I read it. And I fear the Court will have reservations and not stand by its threat to close schools down, as that is a core government requirement. Instead, I foresee a compromise by the Court allowing this measure to stand but with an order that more funding be enacted.

That's probably a win for kids, but, in the meantime, the legislature gets by with scamming the public into believing they are the good guys.

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Lawmakers adjourn for weekend despite earlier vows to keep working

This is abhorrent to the state's citizens. Political ideology is what got us here, and what will make this state a barren wasteland if it's not overcome. Lawmakers have to open their minds to the best interests of the state as a whole, and need to do it now. We can not afford party line differences now. The Court has told us what needs to be done, so, without delay, do it.

There is the fact that budgets should be made before spending happens, and that is normal and good. But, when the legislature makes that impossible, then we have to toe the line we've made and get down to doing what is right. With a lot more forward thinking, less party baloney, the current shortfall can be addressed, and long-term planning can go ahead. Let's forget, for now, the social engineering the present Regressive party is so fond of and get down to funding the services and programs that citizens demand from the state.

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Trump abruptly axes FBI’s Comey in midst of Russia probe

Simple answer, yes. Unfortunately for those who don't have much depth of thought when it comes to human interactions, the reason that we are "outraged" is because of the appearance that Trump is trying to squash the investigation into his campaign's collusion, or lack thereof, with Russia, as well as the FACT that there he story about why Comey was fired has changed several times in the last two days.

If the president can not be trusted to tell the truth about this, he can certainly not be trusted to run the nation.

Those are my reasons. They have nothing to do with my love for Comey. But you probably know that. That small fact just doesn't fit your little view of reality.

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Trump abruptly axes FBI’s Comey in midst of Russia probe

Sam and Justin, for once try attacking the message rather than the messenger. Your constant put-downs of persons rather than content are tiring, banal, and frankly show no understanding of the issues at hand.

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Trump abruptly axes FBI’s Comey in midst of Russia probe

No historical knowledge here, Rick. Move over, because history will roll right over those of you who don't know history.

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Trump abruptly axes FBI’s Comey in midst of Russia probe

David, not a single thing you said makes this a good move. Comey's popularity or lack thereof is of no import here. The issue is the appearance of deep impropriety in firing the man who is in charge of investigating possible wrongdoing by the president's campaign. If you think that is just hunky dory, then you are quite possibly not aware of law.

Or, as usual, are more concerned with defending the indefensible moves your guys make than learning the truth, whatever it may be. And that is how you he republic crumbles, mister. You really want to defend that?

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Trump abruptly axes FBI’s Comey in midst of Russia probe

Richard, go back to your own citation and read the first comment following the opinion piece. The point is that there is no reason the country can NOT be concerned with this cowardly firing, given the nearly "quid pro quo" Trump attempted in his dinner with Comey: am I under investigation? Good God! Comey is asking to keep his job, Trump asks if he, himself, is under investigation. What kind of person would pose an I winnable situation such as that? And you find this whole episode reasonable, let alone ethical? That says volumes about you who praise the firing of Comey.

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