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Letter: Lesson of history

Truly existentialist, big guy, and probably true. But my point stands: we can not be ruled by fear. The nearly infintesimal chance of terrorist killings in this nation are a price we pay for real freedom. I don't like that threat, but see little use in throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

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The latest on the KU Student Senate leaders' impeachment process

Wow. The Republican party just recently kicked a bunch of Dems off of important committees in a glaringly partisan move designed solely to get opposition off the committees. Now, the children of KU, playing at political partisan politics, demands the removal of senate members who, just recently, approved the silly bill of grievances put forth by the other children.

So, if someone agrees or disagrees with you, make them go away?

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KU professor who used n-word in class discussion is placed on leave

So what? It's OK for all to use the word or it's not OK for anyone to use it. If these kids are offended only when a non-entertainer uses it there is a huge disconnect that had best be explained before ANYONE is allowed or not allowed to use it. This double standard, in my mind, obfuscates any argument against the word's use.

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KU professor who used n-word in class discussion is placed on leave

Clara, please explain "the browning of America", if you would.

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KU professor who used n-word in class discussion is placed on leave

Joe is absolutely correct, Jorge. I have heard the word used between blacks in referring to other. Blacks, and it absolutely does appear in "rap music". That that occurs is odious in my opinion, but raises a question in my mouth no: who is allowed to use a word that, from one group, is considered offensive and, from the other, perfectly OK?

In this classroom setting, from what can be gleaned from reports, the word was used in a teaching situation. Is that all right? I guess it depends on the context in which it was uttered. But, I think, the bigger question is what the hell is the difference between actually saying it and tiptoeing around the word with codes, like "the N-word"? We're talking about a group of people who prefer to be called adults who should be able to differentiate between racial slurs and learning situations.

I don't use the word, hate to hear it, and wish it (and the implied slur behind it) would go away. But if those who hate it continue to use it, there is a huge question as to how denigrating it really is.

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KU professor who used n-word in class discussion is placed on leave

Sorry, Marco, but "niggard" means miserly, selfish, that kind of thing. It has nothing to do with race.

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Letter: Lesson of history

Bob, I completely understand your, and others', concerns, valid points all. But I am more concerned that we become an isolationist nation, cutting ties with the outside from fear of what might happen and forgetting how we got where we are as a nation today. In that direction lies more trouble than continuing our welcoming nature, tempered with caution.

That the social media you cite are pretty useless means little. After all, why would DHS tweet that it is looking at someone?

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Letter: Lesson of history

The answer is moot, Bart, because there are already "poisoned M&Ms" in the country. If you think otherwise, your head is not in the game.

The real answer is to be alert, be ready and be forearmed. We already do that. Can we catch all threats before they become reality? No. Can we throw away freedom and the American dream for those we don't like? No.

By t he way, Bart, I hope you noticed that your vaunted "social safety net" of private help for those who need help has been addressed by the Great Plains Conference of the Methodist Church. Now, if only the rest of the nation would face reality......

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Letter: Don’t be silent

Cute, Bob. Means nothing and adds nothing to the discussion.

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Media asked to leave Emporia State diversity forum

Sounds to me like a whole college full of uneducated people. Why, for heaven's sake, would students want to bar the press when the issues they apparently have to discuss are wholly public issues?

Come on, kids, if you have something important to say then you should want the entire public to hear it, Right? Or, are you afraid your whining and silliness will be seen for what it is?

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