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Trump disparages African countries, Haiti with vulgarity

And she went on to say that Chump is racially ignorant. The rest of the story makes a big difference, Gary. And he didn't say anything about the Haitian or African governments, but about the countries, as a whole. Don't even try justifying racism by putting your own spin on it, because racism, or racial ignorance, is racism. That is not calling names, Gary, but those who fit that mold don't seem to see the difference. Ann Coulter? You can do better than that.

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Trump disparages African countries, Haiti with vulgarity

That, Gary, is a perfect example of your inability to see the forest for the trees. Generalizing what all the "Democratic elite" care about ignores what all the rest of us Dems care about. Several generations will be dependent on welfare? Doesn't sound at all like something that can't be proven, does it? Bull. Give it a try, Gary. Prove it. And, yes, the American people are getting wise to the "Progressive agenda": better social safety nets, better health care, better education, better nearly everything that directly benefits the people, all of the people. The American people are seeing the bigotry, selfishness, big money agenda that you guys push, and they are getting wiser. It might interest you to know that the economic scale of the average Chump voter is no different than the same group of Democratic voters. And, yet, you laud the Regressive notion that taking money and programs from poorer, ill, disabled people is a pathway to fame and fortune. How the heck do you justify that, Gary? Really, how?

This is about, as I said, fear. And you exhibit the fear that someone else might get something that you don't. You show how afraid you are that a brown or black or yellow person might get the same chance you've had to make something of a success of him/herself. That fear, Gary. The notion that, since you were here first, you're better than anyone who might come here now.

Now, let's hear from you and yours about how much better off one is to be a white person in this nation, how much better off the country is without immigrants you don't personally choose. Let's hear it, Gary, because that's what you and your buddies have been saying, and what you defend your president for saying, isn't it. And that, Gary, is racism, plain and simple. That is fear.

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Trump disparages African countries, Haiti with vulgarity

"It takes "guts" to recognize the facts without becoming emotionally transposed to be a hater."

Exactly, Bob. And you should give it a try sometime. You of the "I don't have facts but I have witty reparte' meaning nothing".

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Trump disparages African countries, Haiti with vulgarity

Wow. What a day this has been.

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Trump disparages African countries, Haiti with vulgarity

Gary, see my comment above. This is not about compromise, economics, or any of the bull you guys try to hang on it: it's about racism and fear. The meeting could have created the bi-partisan result you mention, but it ended making an ass out of Chump and each and every one of you who tries to justify it.

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Trump disparages African countries, Haiti with vulgarity

No, Richard, it's you and your out of touch cronies who have forgotten. We are a nation of many different nationalities who have come here because of the opportunity this nation represents. They came from a whole array of nations. Many came from s---hole countries because they could not abide the living conditions or the lack of opportunity or to escape religious or political persecution. "From one, many" does not assume that every immigrant from every s---hole nation is himself unacceptable as a prospective American. Those of you, including Chump, who disparage these people, people you've never even met, exhibit the bigotry and blindness that grate strongly against the E Pluribus Unum ideal that you can't even begin to defend with any sort of logic or compassion.

It sickens me that the President of the United States displays your valued bigotry, but it is even worse that he denies even having said it. The very worst thing, though, is that you and the rest of the roughly 35% of Americans who have forgotten, or just simply deny, our nation's beginnings and purpose refuse to acknowledge what this nation is and who we, as a people, are. For God's sake, there aren't many countries in which you can spew your hatred publicly without some kind of retribution, but that's part of who and what we are, Richard, and don't you ever forget it. That's part of why these people strive to become one with the rest of us.

And don't for a moment try to convince thinking people that this is about immigration control. This is about bigotry, about being afraid of those with whom you might come into contact; it's about fear that someone might actually want to do a job that you'd spurn for a wage you'd laugh at; it's about fear, plain and simple. It's about not wanting to acknowledge that you're not the shining star you believe yourself to be, but a part of a whole, a whole that derives its strengths from the melding of many different cultures, many different ideas, many different ways of thinking that lend themselves to creating a cauldron from which arise the betterment of each of us.

That's who and what we are, Richard. Until you can believe that "we" does not have an "I" in it, you will continue to exhibit the fear and hatred that your friends exhibit.

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Trump creates path for Kansas, other states to require Medicaid recipients to have a job

So, you guys who worship actors are upset by the words of an actor? De Niro doesn't speak for me or you, but for himself. And I could come up with tons of stupid s--- that Chump has uttered, including his racist, potty-mouth statement just today. But you'll defend him, or, better yet, accuse him of being a congenital liberal because you have nothing to add to the discussion due to your complete lack of conviction as to how things would be run. You've been challenged, time and time again, to come up with a reasonable thought but all you can throw out is your illiterate construction of a study that shows nothing close to what you apparently believe.

Smile at that, Bob, and go on with your empty political life. You have nothing to say that interests intelligent people.

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Trump creates path for Kansas, other states to require Medicaid recipients to have a job

Kathleen, you are missing the point. Christians don't act or speak as the "evangelicals" who were in large part responsible for Chump's election. Christians have compassion for all people, no matter what. What they do not do, as the evangelicals would have you believe, is disregard lawlessness, sin, economic need, race, gender, lifestyle (including sexual differences), age or anything else other than that people are all equal in the eyes of God and should have equal opportunity to live, unfettered by artificial barriers. Christians do not judge others but try to help others live by the rules laid out by God and do not make up artificial, self-serving reasons that denigrate or otherwise deny full person-hood to others, no matter who they are. But you know all this, Kathleen: otherwise you'd not call yourself a Christian.

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Trump creates path for Kansas, other states to require Medicaid recipients to have a job

Pete, are you confusing Medicare (older people) with Medicaid (any age with disabilities unable to afford any health care)? Other than that, I agree wholeheartedly with you.

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Letter to the editor: Tax truths

Yeah, Regressives have become less able to read history.

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