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Lawrence superintendent signals 'grave concerns' about budget situation

Please, Lisa, get real with your angst at the school district. Take a business, any business. List the salaries of the top 50% in the company. Go down the list until you see one of the 50% who is not a(n) owner/manager, or executive of some sort. How far downs the list are the production workers? Now compare the list with your educator/manager list. "See how far down on the list you wind up and just exactly how someone who is doing the real work gets paid so much less than the people in the fancy offices with the high and mighty titles. It is what is."

Make sense to you?

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Kansas collects $4.4M less in taxes than expected in April

So, your utility bills have increased enough to cause you to quit spending so much? How much, exactly, David, did you pay in utility fees and taxes in April? I only ask because I find it hard to believe that those amounts put much of a crimp in your style.

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Lawrence superintendent signals 'grave concerns' about budget situation

When we ask questions, in the main, we ask ones that can be answered. Asking about the motives of people, as did David, is not a valid debating or information gathering tactic, as it is impossible, without asking each person referenced, to know what they would do in the situations he posed. Again, the questions are posed as mere indictments of those people as they assume that those people would not do as he asked. Questions posed as negatives are not asked for information, but to put a negative spin on those people.

If you don't believe that, ask David if he believes those people would act as he suggests.

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Lawrence superintendent signals 'grave concerns' about budget situation

Let me guess, David: your real name is Dolph Simons, Jr., and you still can not pose a question and answer it.

Again, indictment by question is how the "conservative" knee-jerks operate. It goes like this: you ask a question that poses a negative, don't answer it, and leave the impression that the answer is so obvious that even a Democrat can see it. The voters don't realize that you've asked a question but think that you've told them how bad things are and that the party has the answers to all ills suffered by the populace and blindly follow what the party tells them to do.

Pretty neat, huh? All the party has to do is count on voters who don't vote and don't give a damn what the truth is, and Kansas, apparently, supplies those in droves.

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Amid budget crisis, some Kansas lawmakers question benefits of tax cuts

Had to be Art (Laffer), 'cause our homegrown guys don't know how to think for themselves.

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Letter: History ignored

Excellent comment, Scott, and I concur completely. Thank you.

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Letter: History ignored

You're quite right about the population numbers, but North America was quite a bit less populated at that time, and that's what I was responding to. As to the rest, yes, disease and related ills did their best to reduce both continents of their inhabitants.

My only point, Carol, is that the immigration of "foreigners" had effects on the native population that, while dedetorious to them, were pretty much expected if one looks at the tide of what we call progress.

I get your thought, and appreciate it. Mike, though, has, in my mind, discounted that the native Americans were not equipped to go with the flow of history. Wrong or right, many a people has had to learn to assimilate or face drastic reduction, and that is what happened to the native Americans.

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Letter: History ignored

Again, Kevin, a non answer backed up by a supposed insult.

My answer to your put down is thus: true conservatives use a combination of thought, empathy, and common sense. Your snidity exhibited none of those.

And the non sequitur extends.

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Kansas governor to re-enact signing of anti-abortion measure

"The damage she has caused to societie's self respect and the trust of one generation for the one that went before is immeasurable and tragic. The unintended negative consequences of abortion on maternal health, psychological, physical, and spiritual are just now beginning to be appreciated."

Gerald, I hate to burst your bubble, and I hate to ask you to research your comment, but you will find that research actually attaches little to no negative consequences to such things as you point out. Please do the research as it's easy and specific.

And what the heck trust of what generation for what that went on before has been damaged? I don't feel any loss of trust for my parents' generation, and they had been doing abortions long before I came along. I don't get why you don't stick to provable, specific arguments.

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