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Kansas House approves bill upping Secretary of State Kobach's power; Douglas County lawmakers vote no

No you don't, Andy. You're just trying to stir the pot. You'd be a lot of fun if you'd drop the air of seriousness.

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Labor department reports weak job growth in Kansas

How many have you created, Andy?

That's what I thought.

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Editorial: Public business

Ask. It's that simple, and removes the innuendo of the question.

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Editorial: Budget blackmail?

however much the voters (and non-voters) allow them to.

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Kansas House advances bill giving Kobach power to prosecute election crimes

Andy, just what is "desperately needed"? The Kansas constitution already provides for a system of the judiciary (prosecutorial), legislative (law-making), and executive (procedural) branches of government. What is not needed, and specifically prohibited, is any separate branch usurping the powers of any other. Being a constitutional republic, the state and the nation are bound by certain rules, and that is one of them.

Mr. Kobach's is tasked with very specific tasks, none of which come within a gnat's eyelash of prosecutorial.

I'm surprised, Andy, that you, of all people who defend the word of the constitution, are ignorant of this basic part of the document.

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Letter: School attack

The difference, Kevin, between the Clinton tax increase and the Kansas school fund debacle is that the tax increase had not been legislated prior to the election, as well as the FACT that the nation's economic health was enhanced enormously by the judicious use of tax increases that benefitted nearly all. And resorting to the Clinton/Obama things is sidestepping the current STATE administrations reckless tax policy that benefits few and harms nearly everyone else, which is the current topic, as you may have missed.

And, Kevin, that is exactly what has happened to several school districts in Kansas. You, and others, have advocated school districts using contingency, or reserve, funds rather than save them, and that is exactly what has been going on in those districts (and others more fortunate in their reserves). Those monies were spent on the promise of the legislature to fund the schools at a certain level and the subsequent breaking of that legislative promise.

Do you not see that those reserve funds were meant for just that purpose, but that the funds were spent to keep schools operating under the premise that they would be replenished under the legislature's promised guidelines? HOW HARD IS THAT TO SEE?

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Letter: School attack

No, Kevin, I would consider that to be a secondary usage of not very critical thinking.

I have never, Kevin, hit the removal button. I will never do that. I have, however, endured your constant personal slurs, and have at one time quit responding to your posts. Your idea of a personal insult is anyone's comment that differs from your own. And your "guess" seems to me to be just about all you have in many of your arguments.

Now, you have stated that "many of us are working to maintain a civil tone here." I am not going to cite any of the personal insults you have hurled, and recently, but I do remind you that civil discourse does NOT mean agreeing or being silent in the face of obviously incorrect (I use that term in lieu of others already used on this forum about your comments) statements and uncorrelated citations.

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Kansas governor signs bill overhauling civil service system

Attrition, Dave, will not fix the budget nor the economy in time for those in need now, will it?

And the legislature did not think of job losses or attrition or retirement when they fell in line for this stupid tax "plan", Dave. They thought only about what KPI, AFP, you, and all your kind told them what to think about. Your promises, your predictions, your pie-in-the-sky-we-can-fix-everything-by-lowering-taxes-on-the-wealthier did not, will not, and can not work.

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Letter: School attack

It's not. Kevin's hurt-o-meter is on high.

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Rural district’s sacrifice illustrates depth of schools’ budget woes

OK, Andy and all, this is reality in the state. Cutting services, cutting jobs, putting kids' education at risk.

Is this what you want, Republicans? Is the campaign money you get from the Kochs' PACs worth ruining this state?

You should be ashamed. But you won't. More's the shame.

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