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Lawrence attorney withdraws as nominee for federal judgeship

Try on for size, that he was nominated by a Democrat, and that alone might give him pause to reflect on his chances, not his ability as an attorney or judge, but his tenuous relationship to the Democrat(s) who asked him to serve.

I don't know that that is a reason in his withdrawal, but, with the incoming cabal, it makes terrible sense.

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Coalition calls for partial reversal of Brownback tax cuts; seeks hike in gasoline tax

Bob Summers, you are having a hard time sticking to your mantra, aren't you? How many times have you said or agreed with the theory that government is here to protect our property rights? Please, without resorting to pedantry, tell me in what way this government is protecting our property rights by creating precisely the atmosphere that endangers our rights to own and keep property. When wages are flat or down, when it becomes harder and harder to own and maintain property, the government is ignoring its primary responsibility: protecting the people's rights to acquire and own property of any kind. Cars, homes, land, investments: all are property and all are more difficult to attain or maintain under this government. How does that equate to good government? Got any cogent answer? If so, let's hear it. Otherwise, join the ranks of those who actually deal with reality.

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Kansas agrees to outsource IT to Illinois company

OK, good, savings. Nice thought for those who may no longer have jobs. if you assume that the $2.4 million in "labor costs" is lost to the 40 "full time equivalent" laborers, and that they could be out of work, that $2.4 mil doesn't seem so seem so exciting. Assume that a good portion of those will be out of work and on public assistance, to the tune of maybe one third of that amount, or $800,000, then the savings, in hard money, don't seem so significant. To those who will have to readjust their lifestyles and expectations, even for a limited time, those savings will seem to be nothing but cruel.

Yes, the state needs to get spending under control. Yes, there are "efficiencies" (thanks, Dave Trabert) that need to be addressed. But ending the ability of those workers to create taxes and maintain a life for their families seems to me to be a pretty extreme, as well as is sending our tax dollars out of state, where it will do this state no good.

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Coalition calls for partial reversal of Brownback tax cuts; seeks hike in gasoline tax

Armen, you can read the entire chart, or take the Star's word for it: Kansas' total non-farm job growth for 2016 is the seventh worst in the nation, at 0.0%. You can go into participation rate, number of ag v. manufacturing jobs, but the fact is that job growth is nil, the lower income folks are paying a higher percentage of their lower incomes in taxes, and the state has done nothing to address those concerns, choosing instead to go with the Laffer theory of economic ruin. And it's working.

By the way, Armen, that was not a slam at your comment. I only want to point out that the state is taking no action to build the job structure that the tax cuts were supposed to address. You are right in some of what you say, and thank you for recognizing other problems. But, in the end, the legislature has to take steps to build a diversity of industrial and job opportunities here. Much of what this legislature has accomplished is social engineering leading to a diminished quality of life for our state and doing nothing to address the economic situation.

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Lawrence attorney withdraws as nominee for federal judgeship

I have to believe that Campbell, having received this nomination, has been shown to be a competent jurist. I also believe that he has knowledge of something not quite apparent to the public that makes him think he is no longer able to gain approval. That's sad, if so, and something that says volumes about the private nature of our public institutions.

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Coalition calls for partial reversal of Brownback tax cuts; seeks hike in gasoline tax

Not entirely, Clara. The "pass-through" tax cut amounts to "only" about $200 million, far less that the budget shortfall we are experiencing. I'm not defending it, but thinking that reinstating that tax cut will fix things is incorrect. It will go a long way toward repairing our deficit, but there are many things involved, some of which are things like Wayne, above, stated: going out of state to buy the things that are cheaper than here. Again, not a great deal of money, but, in this climate, everything helps.

There is truth in Brownkoch's plea that we believe oil, gas, and agriculture downturns are at fault, and, in part, they are. But the real issue is that the legislature has not made a concerted effort at budgeting for the future, at understanding that the state has a great stake in those industries, and broadening the tax base to take them into account.

Tax cuts, per se, do not create jobs. Uncreated jobs do not create taxes. Kansas has a higher unemployment rate than nearly all the nation. No thought has gone into fixing that, apparently. Kansas' economy has recovered less than nearly the entire nation's. No repairs have been put forth by this legislature, at least none that affect the entire state rather than the few who really can weather a downturn.

The Regressives can argue all they want that tax cuts are the end all and be all of economic recovery and stabilization, but that has not been the case in any jurisdiction that has tried it, from the state to the national level. It takes a great deal of expertise and study to put forth the right blend of taxes and spending responsibility that will put this state on the right track and keep it there. As of now, we have not found that, mostly because the right side of the aisle has not put any thought into it. They own this debacle and had better get it together in repairing it.

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Bob Dole lobbied Trump campaign, GOP on behalf of Taiwan

Maybe time has blunted my impression of Dole's political bent. I really believed he had the best interests of the nation ahead of political machination. Guess I was dead wrong. Just as I believe Trump is wrong to make an end run around diplomatic protocol, and common sense, even before being installed in office.

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Trump is Time magazine's Person of the Year

Y'all oughta read the requirements for Time's Person of the Year. Interesting.

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Central Kansas man files suit to stop wind farm, saying it threatens endangered cranes

I apologize, Bob, but I saw nothing at all in my post about cats. Perhaps you could address a real issue rather than fall back on silly-isms.

Or, perhaps not.

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Opinion: Trump muffs first foreign policy test

You know, it never ceases to amaze mew that the free market working in favor of another nation is bad, but working against the citizens of our own nation is good. Which is it, guys? Which do we need to encourage?

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