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Letter to the editor: Cartoon criticism

" And because he was a committed Christian, the Republican voters in the Kansas primary gave him a majority vote of 45 percent."

OK, first, being a Christian is not an asset that makes one a good public servant. There are a myriad of things that have nothing to do with religion, as it should be. A person's personal religious beliefs have nothing to do with how he/she is able to guide the nation. I'm a "committed Christian" and I don't want anyone whose major "qualification" to his supporters is his religion, or lack thereof.

Second, what majority has ever been defined as less than half? That he received a plurality is an accident of the rest of the field's being as bad as he is, and that Kansas Regressive voters don't seem to think about issues further than the local church door.

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Son of Billy Graham urges Christians to vote in Kansas

That's not avoidance, Larry, but questioning the limits your kind have set on the love of God and his plan for each of us. You claim, I understand, to know that plan better than Dorothy or I or anyone who questions those limits? If you truly believe in Jesus, as you profess, how can you deny that Dorothy's expansion of that love is "distraction", and where do you draw the line?

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Son of Billy Graham urges Christians to vote in Kansas

Just as with all your "historical" citations, you're wrong again, "M". The original was from St. Augustine, later paraphrased by Gandhi.

But, more importantly, what sin are you addressing? Transgenderism is no more a sin than the common cold.

You might be better served by the phrase "...walk a mile in someone else's shoes". It would help you to lessen your apparent hatred of anything different from you.

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Son of Billy Graham urges Christians to vote in Kansas

Oh, God, Dorothy! You have made it to the brink of Heaven! Justin will pray for you!! Hallelujah! Maybe you won't be called angry any longer by our resident Christian. Maybe you won't post anything that actually means something any longer. Praise God that you have found Justin!

Oh, yeah, and maybe Justin will someday learn humility and turn into a real, thinking person.

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Opinion: Bernie Nation can’t get behind Hillary

Bob, thanks for your insight. You have described the Regressive Party's eventual nomination, whomever it might be.

By the way, Bob, who is your pick? Care to grace us with your wisdom and reasoning for that?

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Kansas House OKs bill prohibiting local 'inclusionary zoning' laws, nutrition labeling

"To me this provision in the new law protects the US Constitutional rights granted under the 4th amendment of the individual renters. There can be no justification for invasion of privacy." Ever signed a lease that give the landlord no right to inspect and protect his property? thought not.

"I am not being critical of the chamber, but unanimous support for their work would go a long way to solving affordable housing and the many other needs of the city." I reply that support of many of the Chamber's intrusions into governmental issues is a key player in the Kochian philosophy of business first, people not so much.

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Kansas House OKs bill prohibiting local 'inclusionary zoning' laws, nutrition labeling

Try telling the Feds that it is unrealistic for California and Arizona to require more stringent emissions than the rest of the states. They did pretty well with that, what with the "local control" they used to protect their respective citizens. Arguing any other way is simply a veiled attempt at "protecting" business from being responsible to the people who consume their products.

Too, it doesn't preclude the Federally mandated information, but only adds to it, unless enough governmental entities have the courage to demand the same new information. That's kind of how it's supposed to work, Bob: the people have a need to know and the government responds. Interesting concept, wouldn't you agree?

Oh, yeah, and aside from Eudora and Tongie, what "jumped-up tank towns" did you have in mind? I'm sure your characterization would be welcomed by them. Care to answer?

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Son of Billy Graham urges Christians to vote in Kansas

See, Justin, what you don't understand is that those folks are not confused. They're absolutely certain that they are different, sexually, that they appear outwardly. You'll never get it, Justin. Sometimes one has to actually listen to the experts to learn what really is.

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Opinion: Bernie Nation can’t get behind Hillary

Richard, Randolph, I have struggled mightily with this issue for several months. I. too, want the American political scene cleaned up. I, too, wish for a radical change in allowing businesses to run rampant over regulations. I, too, believe the Citizens United decision to be pure crap. I, too, wish for universal health care and for affordable education for all who wish to have them.

I believe, though, that, with the strength of the Regressive Party as it is at this time, there is little that can be done in terms of making the American people believe in a "revolution". I think the populace is so jaded by current political chicanery that it will not stand still, right now, for sweeping changes. People know how things are for them now and don't have faith in a future of change. Too, the current regressive thinking that masquerades as conservatism has made radical, fundamental change in politics nearly impossible. Look, for instance, at Kansas for proof of that theory.

Hillary, for all her foibles, has the backing of the Democratic machine. Good or not, that is making it probable that the party will retain control of the congress. I think she is in much better position to run a compromise government, and really get some changes in the wind than Bernie. I love him, I love his courage and optimism. The nation, however, is not optimistic; the nation has been beaten up by the Regressives and has little patience for "starting over".

In the end, pragmatism must, I believe, win out over idealism. I'm 66 years old. I believe in the basic Democratic ideals. But I don't have the patience I used to have, nor, I believe, does the nation. Hillary's election, I think, is the first stepping stone we need to get back on track, to making the citizens of the country of utmost importance. As long as she does what she says she wants to do, I think she can build a progressive agenda that Bernie-like followers can build upon.

And that, I believe, means that Bernie did us loads of good. But only Hillary, of the two, can actually keep us on the path that Barack started and provide a stepping stone to a brighter future, Bernie's "future to believe in". I'm sorry about that, but I believe that's the way it is.

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Bill restricting local governments from passing rental inspection, nutrition labeling laws sent to Brownback

Republicans. The party of smaller government and local control? BS!!

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