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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

First, Scott, your argument falls apart because no doctor will perform an abortion on a fetus two weeks from delivery, unless the life of the mother is strongly endangered, and, it's illegal, if I'm not mistaken. As to the already born child, that's an analogy that falls completely apart as any sentient being which is apart from the body of its mother, what we commonly call a baby, is a human under the law and the action you describe is murder. And I'm pretty much against statutory murder.

I know where you're going with this, but I won't follow. The abortion issue is, quite unfortunately, not black and white but relies on individual circumstances which can not be all addressed in one sweeping motion.

Most of all, Scott, though I know it drives you to distraction, I believe a child is a human which can live without the physical attachment to its mother. Until that time, in my opinion, a fetus is a physical part of the mother and she has the right to do whatever is best for herself. I truly hate (though not the hate that Kevin accuses me of) that this option should ever be even considered. But I also understand that it must be at times and I will not be a part of anything that denies the woman of making that choice.

Scott, I am, indeed, pro-life. I want every sentient human to have every chance of making its life the very best it can be. I wish for every child the best of all possible lives, and for the mothers of those children the wonder, joy and deep satisfaction that those children bring to her. As I tried to explain to Kevin earlier, I am not pro-abortion. That is simply a constructed phrase meant only to arouse passions. Being for life does not automatically make one for abortion. That distinction is very important to me, as well as to the unknowable number of women who have had to face this horrid situation.

It's easy, Scott, to draw lines in the sand. It's rasy to make distinctions that take into account only one side of an issue. It's not easy to support a thing that is personally repugnant to oneself, but, in my opinion, it's sometimes necessary.

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Letter: Ego adjustment

And, unfortunately, KU lost earlier than that.

Both currently great programs, both fun as hell to watch, and both make the state proud.

Bring on the Sunflower Roundabout!

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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

OK, Kevin, that's enough. Your calling me intellectually inferior to anyone without knowledge of me, personally, is the end. I will not speak with you again unless you come to terms with the fact that your intellect is not ever going to define mine until you know a lot more about me. I have bared my heart in this thread, I have told you how I feel and why, I have gone along with your games and your insults, and I'll not do it any longer.

Post away, Kevin, and say anything you want about me at any time. Your intellect can run rampant, kiddo, an I will not give a hoot.

I have the confidence of my "intellect" and you are never going to change that, my friend. It would be quite nice, for me, if I could trust you intellect to have a meaningful conversation with you, but it ain't gonna happen in this world, I fear. And, you know what? I hate that.

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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

You continue to attribute emotion to my words that are totally out of context, at least the context in which I use them. Hate is such and ugly word, don't you think? The fact is that I want every fetus to have the opportunity to live a full life. The fact is that many will or can not. I hate that fact, yes, but how in heaven's name do you equate that with hating the unborn? In your angst at me for having an opinion different from yours you lose sight of the fact that, as I've said many times, I don't like abortion at all.

Try, Kevin, to understand that I'm a human, also. Try to understand that I have learned from life experience that one can not put all persons in one little basket. Try to understand that I do not hate very much in life, or in pre-life, if you will.

I'll tell you what I hate: I hate bigotry, extremism or just about any sort, really hot and humid days, people who are cruel to animals, Brussels sprouts, and I'm not fond of broccoli, but I don't hate it.

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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

I'd prefer, Kevin, that, in my particular case, you lose that "pro-abortion" moniker. My attitude toward abortion has been posted here probably dozens of times and, if you'll read my words, you'll understand that I do not want any abortion to happen but I am pragmatic enough to know that they will and that the choice as whether the procedure actually happens should belong only to the woman and her support group, should she have one.

As to definitions, well, Kevin, quote all you want, but opinion still drives a lot of defining words, and "baby", "person", "fetus" are all "scientifically based" opinions, in my opinion. One can Google "When is an embryo a person?" if one wants a lot of definitions, one of which, I am sure, is the one you use.

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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

No, Kevin, those all sound quite logical to me.

If you believe no abortion should happen, for instance, I can see where you find that statement silly. I, on the other hand, believe the choice should exist, but that no government entity should make that choice for her, so, if she believes she should not have one, then don't.

It's not a logical error but a semantic and ideological thought, in my opinion. You have your right to your semantic opinion, of course. And I, mine.

And this thread is hardly a "game", now, is it, Kevin?

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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

Hate, Kevin? That I advocate for the woman who has as heart-rending decision to make equates with hate? Do you even read what I write? It is apparent to me that you don't. Please go back to a very early comment of mine, in reply to Scott, in which I state, unequivocally, my feelings. If that sounds hateful to you, you are in possession of a quite different definition of hate than I. (Of course, according to you, there is apparently only one definition of any word so I'm probably wrong about mine.)

If you can not argue with me civilly, Kevin, I ask that you not comment on any of my posts, and I will extend you the same courtesy. If you feel you have something useful, constructive and germane to the topic, I welcome your saying it, but I will not tolerate being called hateful because of words I have written that reflect the love or compassion I feel for any human who has to make a horrific decision. I don't always agree with her decision, but will never be spiteful and hurtful to her for making that decision in either way possible.

Ball's in your court, Kevin. Read my posts and you'll see why I "think" the way I do. But if you are going to continue to tell me that a differing opinion is an act of not thinking, then I really don't want to hear from you again.

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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

That's really easy to answer, Scott: the person who answers is the pregnant woman. The woman, who is viable, has the right to deny that a growth inside and dependent on her should continue to be there.

The rest of your post kinda reminds me of the current Kansas administration, which seems hell bent on denying the personhood of children (those are mature embryos which have gone full term due to the mother's choice) by denying them quality health care, first class educations, and all the other things this governor has led his thuggish legislature to come up with. Wanna talk about who speaks for the innocent? Apparently, as has been said here many times, Kansas' government cares a whole lot for you while you're evolving from a fish to a human, but little to none after you become that human. I find that pretty inhumane and something that needs fixing long before we take women to task for making personal decisions.

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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

No, I dont. Just exactly on what level is it ridiculous, other than having to utter it lays open the fact that some people have not much logical thought processes?

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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

Oh, for God's sake, Scott, get real. Your histrionics fall a little short when one considers the--scientific, not emotional--fact that human embryos go through many stages, one of which makes the "blob of tissue" more akin to a fish than a human.

You are complicit, with this latest rant, in denying science and advocating pure unadulterated emotional nonsense. You want to talk about turning your backs on victims yet completely ignore, no, deny the victim hood of the women you have made the items of your wrath. You have a complete right to be against abortion, but you have no right, no reason to compare James or me or anyone with anyone else or accuse us of anything close to the inhumanity you cite.

You represent in that comment the worst of the worst. I know you, Scott, and you are intelligent. I also happen to know you're a very loving father and husband. So why is it that you're okay with denigrating others who think differently than you? Is it so difficult to have a rational discussion that you lose track of the FACT that some good people believe and act differently from you?

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