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Judge declares mistrial in 2012 manslaughter case

To Kathleen Forsyth,
Obviously, as Nicolas Sardina's mother, you feel this way. I understand that. But I think what you "heard" in court was what you "wanted" to hear. The reason the toxicology screen showed Nick's drug and alcohol at "therapeutic levels" is because he wasn't found and tested until 8 hours after the brawl.
The whole night in question was an extremely sad and unfortunate series of events. However, punishing Justin will not bring your son back and I can't believe it would ease any of the grief you are feeling.

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Judge declares mistrial in 2012 manslaughter case

What would be the point of locking up Justin Gonzalez? A hard-working, studious, God-fearing, loving kid who’s never been in trouble? To help the Sardina family feel better? A civil system should not be ruled or driven by emotions. Locking up someone is punishment. It takes away their respect and humanity. It's isolation, its daily survival, it’s ruining their chances at a decent future. The Sardina’s seem like civilized people; they should be better than revenge.

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Judge declares mistrial in 2012 manslaughter case

I think the Douglas County DA's office should put this case to rest. Period. They tired the case and they lost the case; to retry it would be a huge waste of time and money. The Gonzalez kid is obviously well-thought of and had a lot of support during his trial. I'm pretty sure the last two years have been punishment enough for him and his family. I'm sorry Nicholas Sardina lost his life but from what I hear, his fondness for chemicals made him pretty unpredictable.

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