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Do you expect the Lawrence school board to vote to close one of its smaller schools in an effort to save money?

Response Percent Votes
72% 265
21% 79
Not sure
5% 21
Total 365


GMom05 2 years ago

Upwards of 30 is not unusual in most schools in Lawrence now. Especially in the upper elementary.


lelly 2 years ago


Can you please tell us what the class size averages are for each elementary? Here at the elementary school west of Iowa, my child has been in a class of 29 (!). Is that how it is at every Elementary?

I think this information and investigative journalism at this paper could shake up the lethargy at the school board.


BlackVelvet 2 years ago

Actually, BABBOY, Black Velvet is tired of his tax dollars being WASTED. If a school is to be closed due to dwindling populations (a frequent reason) then why do they need to turn around and build another, costlier, school? Any reason they can't upgrade an existing structure? I've lived in Lawrence many many years and have seen this pattern many times. Close a school, build a new one. I don't think they are "blowing" my tax dollars. I think they sometimes WASTE them. And Fox news doesn't tell me so. Unlike some on here, I can and do think for myself.


BABBOY 2 years ago

In terms of Education, the United States is 17th among civilized countries.

That is not acceptable, but, 10 years from now we will be lucky to be in the top 30 (or worse) because too many fools would rather waive the flag, beat on a bible, and let the super rich get richer then do anything to build up the schools or help the poor …..

Look at Black Velvet's post. Really thinks they are blowing his tax dollars. Why, cause Fox news and so on and so on told him so....

Education is only a focus with liberals. Conservatives would rather let the country dwindled into meth land then open their pocket books for the good of the country by having a school system that works as opposed to one we have got now…


Clara Westphal 2 years ago

The committee that worked on the decision(s) wasted its time. The board had made up its mind long before the committee was formed.

The state of Kansas will get 3 million dollars for having a person in Kansas win the lottery.

What will the state do with that?


BlackVelvet 2 years ago

I fully expect them to close an existing school and then build a brand new one. Now that surely will save money, won't it?


ShePrecedes 2 years ago

get rid of that god-awful stadium off Louissana! That was one regretable action by the board, costing fark, far more than estimates and bid. and conflicts of interests rampant.

How stupid can a school board be?!


Alexander Smith 2 years ago

Its sad how education is the victim. When will they understand that to keep closing schools and pushing more students into one class room decreases the quality of education children are getting. Its hurting Kansas in the long run. There is plenty other places to save money like the millions BLOWN on the Capital restoration project. Did they really NEED a underground parking garage?? Make better use of project funds. Road crew is perfect example, why do we need 5 people to stand around a drill a hole??? when all you need is 1 to 3..MAYBE. I spent a few summers on road crews and that has to be one of the biggest abuse of budget I have seen in a government.


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