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Do you think Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback should attend the AFA-funded prayer rally in Texas?

Response Percent Votes
63% 920
18% 273
I don’t care
17% 249
Total 1442


OldSoldier 7 years ago

I think he should be on the job of Governor of the State of Kansas, and making good on his promise to create jobs in Kansas. If he does pray, he better pray for himself, to do a better job as Governor.

Barry Watts 7 years ago

And for our president to do a better job as president.

notanota 7 years ago

As long as he does it on his own time and his own dime.

hammerhawk 7 years ago

That is my opinion, too. His own dime & time. Maybe he could just stay in Texas too.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 7 years ago

I frankly do not think this is much of an issue if he is going as a private citizen and is not there to attempt to highlight and grandstand on his alleged attachments to any sort of religious encroachment on his job as governer of the State of Kansas. But given his past activities and his pretty clear inclinations that seem to be highly motivated by some cast-in-stone religious conviction, I seriously doubt that this will be the case.

geekin_topekan 7 years ago

Sure, I don't mind paying his travel as long as he promises not to return to Kansas.

Mentally ill panhandlers: Some are higher functioning than others.

average 7 years ago

Better a day in prayer than a day actually doing things, when you have Brownback's anti-Midas touch (turns everything he touches to poo). Maybe he can take more prayer days off. Works for me.

Keith 7 years ago

"He's King Midas with a curse He's King Midas in reverse He's King Midas with a curse He's King Midas in reverse"

All apologies to the Hollies.

Cai 7 years ago

you know, I'd said no to this poll. Now that I've thought about it that way, I'm not so sure I don't want to change my answer ...

Its absolutely not the Governor's job to be praying in two states away. That said, no, I don't really need more Brownback legislation to be passed.....

Carol Bowen 7 years ago

I agree with nota. His own time and his own dime. This stunt should not receive news coverage.

overthemoon 7 years ago

On his own, walking, dragging a 12ft timber cross the whole way.

barlowtl 7 years ago

If he is planning on confessing his sins while there, then I say, 'go for it'. The list should be long enough that his term would be up by the time he gets back.

CloveK 7 years ago

I couldn't care less about what religion he practices. He just better do it on his own damn dime & time and not force his beliefs down my throat.... oh wait.

Barry Watts 7 years ago

How is attending a prayer meeting "forcing his beliefs down your throat"?

jafs 7 years ago

That's not where he's doing it.

It's with legislation like the prohibition for insurance companies from covering abortion in their general coverage.

Barry Watts 7 years ago

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution for reference.

some_random_person 7 years ago

I don't know why people get all over him about attending a prayer rally?? Seriously? Does it bother you that much? Is the governor not entitled to some time off? You probably work an 8-hr day and have the other 16 off, right? Get off his back, if he wants to take some time to attend a prayer rally that follows his beliefs, then so be it. Leave him alone for cryin' out loud, he's not going to turn the KS economy around overnight, Rome wasn't built overnight either...

Also, I would rather my governor attend a prayer meeting than take pics of his dong and tweet them. This country needs more polititcians and LEADERS that have higher moral values. Most of them are scumbag liars with money, look no further than John Edwards. He came pretty darn close to getting the dem nomination, AND HE HAD AN ILLEGITIMATE CHILD AND AN AFFAIR. Hardly an honorable man....So I say, there are a lot of worse things Brownback could be doing with his time. You people need to get over yourselves and quit making religious politicians the enemy, we need more of them with higher moral fiber....

CloveK 7 years ago

That's why he sits in the Koch brothers pockets right? Looking out for his best interests? I am sorry that you believe this event is faith driven. He has political motives behind it , he is pushing his agenda.

some_random_person 7 years ago

If his belief in God drives his political motives and agendas, then I welcome it. That's the way it should be. Men of conviction and walking the path of God should be the ones in office. I'm not saying one way or another whether SB is such a person, but I'm defending his right to attend a prayer rally as a governor. We should welcome it, what is wrong with that. Our politicians need to be guided by the Word, that should be the norm. Sadly, it isn't....If I were to run for office I would pronounce my religion and tell the voters "hey, this is me and these are my beliefs that will guide my decisions in office, you can vote for me or not." Some may not like it, but when you are in a position of power it is impossible to please everyone. Yet everyone complains, they don't understand that their sacrifice may be for the greater good, and they should willing sacrifice their lifestyle, etc....The problem with this country is that it wants to vote in the popular guy, a friend, but we don't need a friend, we need a damn drill sargeant to whip this country into shape and restore our values......

jafs 7 years ago

Our politicians need to be guided by the Constitution, not the Bible.

some_random_person 7 years ago

I say both, that's the way it was in the late 18th century....

gkerr 7 years ago

jafs, You say, "Our politicians need to be guided by the Constitution, not the Bible.". But the positive law created by man, including the constitution itself was, is, and always will be a product of the moral imaginations of the law makers, which are we the people.

The constitution was a document created to protect certain inalienable rights endowed by The Creator. This motif, this paradigm, is a religious understanding of human rights at the very base of their existence in America. Our Constitution is the envy of the world and it reflects a revolutionary declaration that our right to freedom comes from God endowing us with a sacred dignity that Must be respected by the mighty power of the State. State power flows from us through the inalienable rights given us by the Creator. We don't exist to edify a Soverign or Chieftan, but rather the Soveriegn does exist to protect and defend and respect our rights to live free and pursue happiness.

One could say that in the documents of the Founders, we the people preceed the State, and God precedes us. I guess by following the moral imagination found in religious documents like the bible, where the Founders political moral imaginations were in large part formed, we are being guided by the Constitution as it was guided by the bible. Gkerr

Brian Hall 7 years ago

The thing is is that Brownback represents the people of Kansas--he is required to manage our state to the best of his abilities. When he is in other states he is representing Kansans (something he technically hasn't been since being elected to the Senate) and from what I read on these online comments on the LJWorld, Capitol-Journal, Wichita, KC Star, even people who happily voted for him because he had the R by his name are seeing what he is. He doesn't represent the people of Kansas--at least the many Kansans I've met--he represents his own agenda and the Koch Brothers.

And honestly, I'd rather have Brownback hit on male pages, have illegitimate children, have three wives, incorrectly talk about Paul Revere, receive oral sex from an intern and start a reality show with Meatloaf and Gary Busey then have him do what he is doing now.

some_random_person 7 years ago

Your last paragraph is what is wrong with this country. Thank you for proving my point, you should be ashamed that you would encourage those acts in this country over attending a prayer rally. Just, wow, I can't believe the ignorance in your last statements....Commenters on here should be scolding you right now for the things you say, but afterall this is a Lawrence paper......

Also, you are correct in that Brownback represents Kansas, but like I said, he may have his priorities, but I'm sorry that you or any other Kansan doesn't rank above God or family. That's the way it should be: God, Family, Country.....In this day and age of questionable politics and ethics, I welcome a governor attending a prayer rally. But you people will complain about anything. Think about it, you honestly think attending a prayer rally is worse than affairs, illegitimate children, and sexual misconduct in office??? Apparently so, and like I said, that is what is wrong with this country.....

Carol Bowen 7 years ago

it's none of my business. I really do not want to hear about SB's personal life or that of any other politician.

Carrol 7 years ago

I thought we had freedom OF religion in this country, not freedom FROM religion. Why in the world does it offend some that the Kansas governor would want to practice his religion? Seems like they protesteth too much...why?

gatekeeper 7 years ago

So, you think everyone has to have a religion? I think you need to reread the bill of rights. Religious liberty exists for everyone.

"The most important thing to remember is that freedom of religion, if it is going to apply to everyone, also requires freedom from religion. Why is that? You do not truly have the freedom to practice your religious beliefs if you are also required to adhere to any of the religious beliefs or rules of other religions."

Freedom of religion means - the freedom from the rules and dogmas of other people’s religious beliefs so that we can be free to follow the demands of our own conscience, whether they take a religious form or not. Thus, we have both freedom of religion and freedom from religion because they are two sides of the same coin.

Dan Thalmann 7 years ago

It is no big deal. The only reason this is an issue for most of the commenters here is because they are generally liberal types who don't like religion and therefore don't like Brownback. I'm not saying that to be accusational, I think it is just accurate. Am I wrong? And unfortunately for Lawrence folks, Brownback may not represent liberal Lawrence well, but he took 2/3 of the last election's votes because he represents Kansans well.

hujiko 7 years ago

It's not that us liberal types dislike religion. Rather, we dislike having it forced into our lives by zealous politicians. Brownback may represent the majority of Kansans, but he does not represent all of them. As a politician under the United States Constitution Brownback should at the very least respect everyone's first amendment right. Sadly that is not case.

Barry Watts 7 years ago

Read the first amendment. How is he not respecting everyone's right? Has he passed a law I am not aware of?

Barry Watts 7 years ago

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution for reference.

Barry Watts 7 years ago

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution for reference.

some_random_person 7 years ago

Whether you like it or not, he does represent all Kansans. I think the word you're looking for is "please." He may not please all Kansans (presumably you), but for any politician in power I ask you this: Has there ever been a politician in the history of the world that has please everyone??? NO.....When you are in a position of power, you simply cannot please everybody.

And how is SB attending a prayer rally forcing religion onto you??? Did he pull up at your house and send you an invite, did he send the KBI after you to take you down there with him, did he send you an invite in the mail?? No, just because he goes to prayer rally does not in any way imply that you should go also, or even go to church for that matter.....The fact of the matter is, no one is forcing anything upon you, you just may perceive it that way because you want to resist it so badly....I would much prefer a religious politician that will lead by the Word and lead those who choose to follow, in which you don't have to choose....So get over yourself, nobody is forcing or imposing anything on you.....

jafs 7 years ago

Politicians shouldn't be leading by the Word - this isn't a theocracy.

hujiko 7 years ago

Exactly what I was trying to get at. Brownback should leave his faith at the door and look out for everyone, whether or not they are religious. Allowing his faith to guide his decisions in office marginalizes anyone opposed to his particular viewpoints.

some_random_person 7 years ago

You call it marginalizing, I call it leading down the path of rightousness...But go ahead and flip that coin, a politician with no religious devotion "marginalizes" the religious folks to his particular views. See how that works, the door can swing the other way also, your argument of "marginalizing" doesn't hold water. The popular vote will rule out, and my vote goes toward a Christian politician who can lead by the Word and follow the Constitution (thanks for pointing that out above jafs, good point).

Sadly, the popular vote in this country doesn't exactly coincide with Christian ethics, less and less each day in my opinion. It's because we are lost as a nation. We don't need a pop-star candidate, we need a politician with conviction and some leadership qualities to lead us out of the wide and easy path of darkness. What we have today for politicians simply disgusts me....

Scott Morgan 7 years ago

Lawrence libs are much like Lemmings. ( Some rumor starts the herd a running, next thing you know the little Lems are flying through space.

If you ask a local Lemming where in the world they come up with Brownback trying to push religion on we citizens you get silence.

jafs 7 years ago

See my above comment.

Prohibitions on insurance companies preventing them from offering abortion coverage in their general coverage is religiously motivated.

Substituting "faith based" programs for existing SRS ones is the same.

I'm sure there are more.

jafs 7 years ago

Any numbers on the turnout?

I'd be interested in those as well, and perhaps a source for the 2/3 claim.

Jan Rolls 7 years ago

Why is he going there? Couldn't be to get ideas from his nut job governor buddie that wants to secede from the U.S. could it?

vuduchyld 7 years ago

I voted that I don't care. I'm sure I'm way left of liberal on the charts. I think Brownback is destroying our state....just a terrible, terrible governor. That said, this isn't anywhere on my list of top 100 concerns about Brownback.

some_random_person 7 years ago

Why, because he cut off funding the Kansas Arts Commission or whatever?? Haven't you noticed that the economy is doing poorly and we have to tighten our waiste belts. We need to be spending the money on necessities, and I'm sorry but Kansas art isn't a necessity to live. It's called trimming back, and art is not a necessity to life.....

pace 7 years ago

Haven't you noticed the cuts to the infirm and children services while the wealthiest cut is to their taxes. Get a bit more real if you don't want to be considered a Koch brother ad.

jafs 7 years ago

Apparently education and social services aren't necessary, in your view.

some_random_person 7 years ago

I didn't say anything about education and social services. You simply threw the blanket over those two subjects by automatically imposing my view towards Art Commission cuts to education and social services cuts. I said nothing of the sort in my above comment. I simply pointed out that the Art Commission is not necessary, and in a time of need, those budget dollars can be used effectively in areas more vital to the economy, then so be it, life isn't fair....Now, the question that remains to be answered is if the re-application of those budget dollars went towards a worthy cause. And that is up for debate....

jafs 7 years ago

In response to vud's comment about Brownback destroying the state, you said "...cut off funding to the Arts Commission, or whatever".

Part of "whatever" are the cuts to education and social service funding.

If you are pleased with Brownback's cuts, and want to be spending money on "necessities", then you must think that education and social service aren't necessary, because he's cutting that funding as well.

If not, I expect to see you criticize Brownback for cutting funding to those areas, and for lying during his campaign when he claimed he would "protect" that funding.

But, I won't hold my breath.

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

What's missing:

My tax dollar refund check from Topeka.

Where is the money that Brownback removed from several budgets?

What is Brownback doing with that money?

Sorry Sam I want my money back pronto! You cannot keep that money to yourself.

Where is the money that Brownback removed from several budgets?

Kontum1972 7 years ago

he is depositing it in the basket when it is passed around......the good christian....

gl0ck0wn3r 7 years ago

How much money do you actually add to the state coffers?

tunahelper 7 years ago

you whiney leftists are such hypocrites! you hate the Governor because he is a Christian, but you love Anthony Weiner because he is a leftist like you.

sticks and stones may break my bones, but rants by whiney leftists will never hurt me!

jafs 7 years ago

Personally, I neither hate Brownback nor love AW.

I think Brownback's policies are bad, and I think that AW should have behaved better.

verity 7 years ago

Quit making stuff up.

I dislike Brownback's actions. I definitely don't dislike him because he is a Christian. I dislike him because I think he's a bald-faced hypocrite and what he is doing is bad for the state.

And maybe I don't get out enough, but I haven't see any liberals defending Weiner. On the contrary, when a Republican gets caught with his pants down, the line is but, but, but, the Democrats do it too. So far I haven't noticed any liberals or Democrats pulling that excuse. But like I said, maybe I just don't get out enough.

Most people would probably consider me a liberal and I am appalled at Weiner's actions.

deec 7 years ago

The Christ was a homeless wanderer who espoused "liberal" views like caring for the poor ("whatsoever you do for the least of my people...") and loving your neighbor. He fed the hungry, cured the sick, and gave us the beatitudes. His purported followers have corrupted his message and his teachings in their worship of power and money.

TopJayhawk 7 years ago

Agreed,.... but he should dot this on his own time and his own dime.... Better yet stay here, don't spend anyone's dime, and do it privately and quietly. What a charleton. what a wind bag.

some_random_person 7 years ago

So He had liberal views that may coincide with today's liberal?? Is that what you're getting at??? Yea, like pro-choice, a clear liberal view towards abortion??? Get real, Christ does not condone liberal or conservative views. He is what He is, God. He is not one side or the other, He is THE side.

jafs 7 years ago

That's fine.

But you'd better get the word out to conservatives that he isn't on their side - they seem to think he is.

some_random_person 7 years ago

God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Holy Trinity....

Cait McKnelly 7 years ago

The big problem is that he is the Governor of this state and where ever he goes and what ever he does he is representing this state. This doesn't mean he can't attend Sunday services at the church of his choice. Nor does it mean he can't celebrate Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanza) in the privacy of the Governor's mansion. But to attend a highly publicized political meeting with other politicians in the guise of a "prayer meeting" as the "Governor of Kansas" is a clear violation of the "separation of church and state" as laid down by the Supreme Court's interpretation of the First Amendment going back well over a hundred years (the first being in 1878). In what could be a truly marvelous test case, I would like to see Brownback brought up before SCOTUS on charges of violating the First Amendment. He is by far the most extreme right governor in the US today in terms of attempting to force his religion on the citizens of this state and he needs to be shown that when he attends meetings of this sort as governor he is not representing all of the citizens he is supposed to represent. He needs to make it clear that this is a private meeting, that the press will not be admitted and that he is functioning as a private citizen when he attends. Otherwise, he just becomes a living example of a statue of a crucifix in the state house. And by the way, I don't give two hoots in a handbasket if the majority of Kansas agrees with him. The purpose of the Constitution is to actually protect the minority from the majority and ensure that this country and it's states are governed equitably and it's rights granted to all citizens. The Supreme Court has stated that the First Amendment is just as much a guarantee from religion as it is a guarantee of freedom of religion. Nothing would please me more than to see Sammie's choke chain jerked up tight.

Barry Watts 7 years ago

Then President Obama should be brought up before SCOTUS... he attended the 2011 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington! (and many other prayer breakfasts over the years)

beatrice 7 years ago

If you check, you will find that the President actually lives in Washington.

Charles McPheeters 7 years ago

OK, His car, his gas and his money. No extra expense to the state. And if he has to have security, he pays for that too out of his personal salary.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 7 years ago

Yes. He should not go as a representative of the state and; therefore, should use no state funds to attend his prayer meeting. It's as simple as that.

Scott Morgan 7 years ago

No, let's make it rough on him Lemmings.

Somebody needs to install a time clock so we can make sure he doesn't leave before 5:00. Make him travel in fair to poor condition '94 Dodge Caravan with no A/C. Make him a bag lunch, you know bologna sandwich, apple, juice box, and a state cooler filled with ice. If his wife goes along, no bag lunch for her.


Orwell 7 years ago

And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men.

SpeedRacer 7 years ago

May the Lord bless and keep the governor...far away from us.

Terry Sexton 7 years ago

Flying to Texas for a religious event - I've heard of acting on a wing & a prayer, but this is ridiculous.

kernal 7 years ago

It's just another dog and pony show.

I really don't get why Gov. B. thinks attending this soiree will benefit his political future, given the hate group tag put on the AFA.

Tom McCune 7 years ago

He should absolutely go. Every time he does one of these theo-fascist publicity stunts, it just reminds us of what he really is.

Please note, the problem is not that he attends church or a religious event. Those are OK. I do those things too. The problem is that he co-mingles religion and politics and is a huge supporter of "religious" organizations that actually try to use politics to restrict the religious freedom of persons other than their own acolytes.

Randall Uhrich 7 years ago

I think he should just go half-way, and jump out of the airplane over Oklahoma. They like right-wing plutocrats there.

Paul R Getto 7 years ago

bgwmail (anonymous) replies… Then President Obama should be brought up before SCOTUS... he attended the 2011 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington! (and many other prayer breakfasts over the years) ==== Good point. The NPB is, in itself, an interesting animal. Ike was the first one roped into it. He didn't really want to go, but........This is another creation of the C-Street Cult (AKA The Family.) See p 195... in Sharlet's book. Ike got talked into it. When he spoke he only said: "All free government is firmly founded in a deeply felt religious faith." And then, "As long as you feed me grits and sausage, everything will be all right." (p 197.) IKE was no dummy; he knew these guys were dangerous, but felt he had no choice or they would brand him as 'godless.' IKE also famously said he'd join a church after the election when they pushed him. He was the first 'television' president and it's been downhill ever since, more and more media; less and less information.

Kontum1972 7 years ago

Texas....thats not his State....wth..!

mb he can explain the Paul Revere thing too us......

Kontum1972 7 years ago


does penecillin cure that or desenex....itch itch....!

winninteam 7 years ago

Someone needs to pray before it is too late!

ivalueamerica 7 years ago

The AFA is a 501c3, by law that prohibits them from political action, yet that is exactly what they are doing. I have filed a complaint with the IRS so suggest review that they loose their 501c3 status. I encourage others to do the same.

Here is a link how, it is from another campaign against the LDS church's political activity using 501c3 donations.

If churches want to enter politics, they need to loose their tax exempt status.

Jimo 7 years ago

Wouldn't it just be more clean to require all religious organizations to just pay taxes and leave it up to them how much they wish to soil themselves in politics?

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