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The temperature is expected to be in the 50s Friday. Will you get your car washed now or wait for winter to end?

Response Percent Votes
I need to clean it now. I can barely see out the windows!
39% 259
It depends on how long the line is at the car wash.
34% 227
I’ll wait until winter is over.
25% 163
Total 649


Pywacket 5 years ago

Also---- In your face, OCD law student!

imastinker 5 years ago

Last night was a thursday - he was probably drunk.

pace 5 years ago

I can go years without washing the car. A wipe at the window. It is Kansas brown, grey, beige with a streak of smud black.

pooter 5 years ago

Wash the car while a major snow melt is going on?

Both the water ponding and overspray coming from other cars makes it a waste of money.


Stuart Evans 5 years ago

more winter on the way Sunday night? save your $5.

slowplay 5 years ago

I clean my entire car at the gas station.

Jeanne Cunningham 5 years ago

I don't have a car. I dislike this sort of narrow poll, without even an "other" for those of us who don't fit the cookie cutter.

Henry_the_liberal 5 years ago

Then don't answer. You are not part of the demographic they are looking for in this poll.

RoeDapple 5 years ago

without the dirt body parts would fall off

Kirk Larson 5 years ago

Pedestrian arms and legs stuck up in fenders?

Kris_H 5 years ago

I wonder about washing mine too...the dirt may be all that's holding it together.

GUMnNUTS 5 years ago

Buy German and you will not have that problem.

Terry Sexton 5 years ago

I washed my car today. Before that it was last March & before that it was two March's ago. Went to the 28th & Iowa wash. Spacious & handy, but their vacuums have some issues. They kinda suck - and not in a good way.

del888 5 years ago

I will wash it now, and again BEFORE winter is over. I pick option 4.

RogueThrill 5 years ago

More like I am going to get a head start turning over flower bed soil and mulching for spring.

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