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Which of these mob movies is your favorite?

Response Percent Votes
The Godfather
39% 298
31% 239
The Departed
9% 68
8% 61
The Godfather II
8% 61
Donnie Brasco
2% 20
Total 747


yankeevet 5 years ago

yeah; dats right ;;;; faggetaboutit!!!!!!!!! u dirty rat!!!!

LadyJ 5 years ago

Well, can't do this poll, haven't seen any of them. Have seen a few of the Sopranos episodes, does that count?

FloridaSunshine 5 years ago

Oh, yeah! I really liked "The Godfather" when Brando yells, "STELLA!!!" Oh, wait...that was "A Streetcar Named Desire"...never mind...

jhawk0097 5 years ago

"Go get the butter"....Oh wait. Last Tango in Paris.

jhawkinsf 5 years ago

big time tie between Godfather and Godfather II.

loosecaboose 5 years ago

I agree, and finnaly voted for II.

trinity 5 years ago

leave the gun...take the cannolis...

slowplay 5 years ago

"You know, we always called each other good fellas. Like you said to somebody, "You're gonna like this guy. He's all right. He's a good fella. He's one of us" You understand? We were good fellas." Best movie ever! Well, except maybe for Pulp Fiction.

tomatogrower 5 years ago

I don't like any of them. They tend to romanticize criminals who should be in prison.

slowplay 5 years ago

It's not romantic when you get wacked, clipped, hit, iced, knocked off, popped or rubbed out.

pz5g1 5 years ago

Star Wars tends to romanticize Sith lords. It's still good.

gphawk89 5 years ago

Does "Scarface" count? "Say 'Hello' to my little friend!"

Boosh 5 years ago

What 'bout that flash mob thingy going on over in the delta? That's some good stuff right there.

camper 5 years ago

"I always liked Michael. Tell him it was just business"

acg 5 years ago

GoodFellas was fantastic. I loved all of these movies, esp. Donnie Brasco because Johnny Depp is secretly my boyfriend. ; ) However, I've seen GoodFellas probably 150 times. Love the last part where he's all coked out of his head, trying to get the last shipment together and his bro just got out of prison and the helicopters are following him but he has to go back and get the hat. That was intense. Seriously great flick!

deec 5 years ago

"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

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