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What’s the farthest you have run competitively?

Response Percent Votes
I don’t race
43% 385
22% 200
half marathon
12% 112
10% 91
10% 90
Total 878


Flap Doodle 7 years ago

Far enough that the bear settled for somebody who was slower than I was.

Tristan Moody 7 years ago

You don't have to be fastest, just second-slowest :-)

GmaD321 7 years ago

Does running after kids or dogs who escape the yard count?

Nick Lang 7 years ago

There needs to be an ultra distance option. There are plenty of people in Lawrence who've run up to 100 miles.

sb 7 years ago

@fxdgear, you don't need to lie to make yourself feel better. No one can physically withstand anything over 26.2 miles.

Nick Lang 7 years ago

Your race's long distance is my race's warm up.

sb 7 years ago

Funny, because I run 1000 miles at a time, so 100 miles is just a warm up for me.

See I can lie too.

Flap Doodle 7 years ago

Try doing the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

sb 7 years ago

A Parsec is a unit of length, therefore it is impossible to complete the coarse in anything less than 18 parsecs. #nerdrage

Michael Auchard 7 years ago

Have you honestly never heard of an ultramarathon?

Christine Davisson 7 years ago

I personally have done several 50 mile adventure races. Also, have you ever heard of ultra endurance races? First you can check out the brew to brew website and find a great example of an ultra-marathoner who ran the 40 some miles by himself. I am sure if you google ultra-marathons you can find many other examples. What about Iron Man? Run a marathon, bike and swim? Helllloooooo????

To fxdgear: You should feel awesome about yourself!!! I know you are not a liar!

pigtailultrarunner 7 years ago

and some of us have run further then 100 miles too, Nick!

Brock Masters 7 years ago

Not only are those that run a 100 miles in a race amazing so are those that completed the Boston marathon in less than 2 hours. Friggin amazing what some people can accomplish.

Brock Masters 7 years ago

As an after thought, I think people who have become overweight, but decide to take that first step to lose weight and run or walk a 5K are pretty amazing too.

Tristan Moody 7 years ago

This. The first step is the most important.

pigtailultrarunner 7 years ago

absolutely! Anyone that gets off the couch and does something healthy for themselves are winners in my book.

RoeDapple 7 years ago

Never gave it much thought . . how far is it to the refrigerator?

George_Braziller 7 years ago

Ran the 3/4 mile for track when I was in high school. That was a bitch because it's essentially a long-distance sprint.

del888 7 years ago

What happened to the old high school track distances. 100 yds, 220 yds, 440yds, 880 yds, etc. (That right, I'm so old we measured everything in yards, not meters). I ran the 220 in junior high and came in last. Never ran again.

LadyJ 7 years ago

After Christmas sale to the electronics section when the doors opened.

mr_right_wing 7 years ago


I finished, and I don't think I had ever been so exhausted in my life.

Try another? Nah..... Once in this lifetime was plenty!

My muscles are getting a little sore just remembering it.

Terry Sexton 7 years ago

I remember one time, back in high school, it was track & field day in phys. ed. class. All new to me. I ended up in the prelims of the 440 yard dash - staggered start with me on the inside lane. It looked to me like I was already 40 yards or so behind the guy on the outside lane & the race hadn't even started yet!

When the teach said go, I took off like a bat outa Hades to make up those 40 yards. At the 220 mark, I was 50 yards ahead of the field - I finished in fifth place.
Barfed my brains, too.
Gained a certain appreciation for the sport that day.

Nowadays, the recreational road races are fun, like the turkey trots & 5k's & such. The Peach Tree 10k on the Independence Day in Atlanta is the largest race I've experienced. It's a blast.

I hope the relays draw huge crowds. The downtown shotput event sounds really great.

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