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Do you prefer frozen yogurt or ice cream?

Response Percent Votes
Ice cream
68% 525
Frozen yogurt
23% 180
4% 37
I don’t know
3% 23
Total 765


Ricky_Vaughn 6 years ago

Has anyone ever put Nutella in ice cream? Mmmm....

slowplay 6 years ago

I put Nutella on everything. Waffles, apple slices and graham crackers are best.

hawkergirl 6 years ago

Kemp's Moose tracks fro yo at Hy-Vee freezer section is the BEST!

coolhandluke 6 years ago

Because the question is "Do you prefer frozen yogurt or ice cream?"

Gelato wouldn't make sense.

sharong 6 years ago

The very best ice cream is Private Selection Extreme Moose Tracks at Dillons. YUMMMMMM!

musicstudent 6 years ago

I prefer frozen custard over both

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