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Do you agree with a move to waive Kansas’ $69 marriage license fee for couples who can’t afford it?

Response Percent Votes
69% 855
27% 335
Not sure
3% 48
Total 1238


AnnaUndercover 6 years ago

Oh my gosh. Let people in love get married. For crying out loud. I wish government wasn't involved in marriage at all.

justoneopinion 6 years ago

I wonder why its exactly $69???? Conspiracy???? Hmmm....

TopJayhawk 6 years ago

If you can't afford $69.00 then you can't afford to get married. Get a job and you too can afford $69.00

Richard Heckler 6 years ago

Why should couples need to get married?

Love is love no matter what.

50% of marriages end up not being married anymore.

Perhaps a marriage license should cost $10,000 and a divorce $69

denak 6 years ago

No, I do not think the state should waive the fee for a marriage license.

It is only 34.50 per party. That isn't a lot of money. I sincerely doubt there is one couple out there who is being forced to forgo marriage simply because they can not come up with $69.


jayhawklawrence 6 years ago

I would rather increase it to $200 and waive the fee if they go through a marriage preparation class.

Marriage is one of the most important commitments in a society and one of the keys to the strength and future of a nation.

Failed marriages and their offspring impact the economy and health of a nation far more than anyone realizes.

In other words, we all pay when marriages fail.

ruette 6 years ago

To Anna: You wish the government weren't involved with marriage? I wish churches weren't involved!

Jmed 6 years ago

Very well said jayhawklawrence!

Chris Ogle 6 years ago

Take the marriage waiver, and use the Mastercard for divorce.

John Hamm 6 years ago

If you can't afford a $69.00 marriage license fee how can you afford a marriage?

BorderRuffian 6 years ago

Isn't it amazing how people can gripe about a $69 wedding license, but go out and spend thousands of dollars on special dresses, tuxes, receptions, flowers, parties, etc.?

labmonkey 6 years ago


Who do you suggest teach the class? The government? Noone in the government has ever, ever been caught in a lie or cheating on their spouse.

The fee should not be waived. If a couple cannot afford that, they cannot afford to get married.

tao7 6 years ago

Another dumb piece of legislation being introduced at a time of more important issues. What's next hunting wolves in Kansas? Oh yeah...another dumb piece of legislation being intro...ONLY IN KANSAS!

Tom McCune 6 years ago

Well, at least somebody in the office that sets the fees for these things has a sense of humor. How could you possibly change it?

Satirical 6 years ago

I am pretty sure indigents can already receive a waiver. Also, there is always common law marriage in Kansas.

beatrice 6 years ago

Are 25 percent of the people voting on this poll (at this moment) just pulling our legs?

I would think this a fine idea only if the fee-waiver application fee is $70.

Women, if the goes doesn't have 69 bucks to "splurge" on you and your big day, just say "No thanks."

absolutelyridiculous 6 years ago

Why is there a fee at all? Geez. The government is the one who requires it not me or my spouse. It's not like I hang it on the wall with the family photos.

labmonkey 6 years ago


I thought you were all for equality? Maybe the guy should say no thanks if the woman cannot splurge on the fee.

"This $69 is the last 69 (dollars) you'll ever get."

Bossa_Nova 6 years ago

why would you want to marry someone who doesnt have $69?

ivalueamerica 6 years ago

from the ks bar

Common Law Marriages A common law marriage is a marriage by agreement of the two persons without any formal ceremony or license. A common law marriage will be recognized in Kansas if the couple considers themselves to be married and publicly holds themselves out to be married and if they are legally eligible to marry. No minimum period of cohabitation is required.

Common Law marriages are subject to the same legal obligations and privileges that apply to marriages with licenses. Once a common law marriage is established, the couple must get a court ordered divorce to terminate the marriage.

1029 6 years ago

Yes. In exchange for waiving the fee, the couple should have to sign a contract in which they agree to not have children, though. If the couple ever decides that they want to have children, they have to go back and pay the $69, as well as show proof that they can afford to have children. Too many people who can barely afford to take care of themselves are having children because they perceive getting married and reproducing as "the thing that people are supposed to do." Almost all of society's problems are rooted in the fact that people that shouldn't be reproducing are doing just that.

alm77 6 years ago

"This would be a non-issue if people would just come to the realization that love and marriage are mutually exclusive."

HA!! I think a lot more people would be happier if they would realize that. It takes so much pressure off of a relationship when you don't let your feelings rule your level of commitment. Be committed first, the feelings will follow (with varying degrees of intensity, but they will follow).

beatrice 6 years ago

Marriage is the leading cause of divorce.

beatrice 6 years ago

labmonkey, how about if two people don't have $34.50 each to go "dutch treat" on the license, then maybe they aren't quite ready to tie the knot?

I'm all for equality, but if either party doesn't have $69, then they are facing an uphill battle that marriage won't fix.

mr_right_wing 6 years ago

"Marriage is one of the most important commitments in a society and one of the keys to the strength and future of a nation. Failed marriages and their offspring impact the economy and health of a nation far more than anyone realizes. In other words, we all pay when marriages fail."

Wow...I am in shock that such words of wisdom would appear within these blogs! There is hope....

diplomacy205 6 years ago

The fees for registering a domestic partnership and a marriage license should be the same.

The fee should never be waived.

meggers 6 years ago

I think a more prudent question would be:

"Is it appropriate for the state legislature to concern itself with the marital status of the poor, at the very time when they're jeopardizing the basic health and well-being of the poor by making substantial and irresponsible cuts to Medicaid funds?"

The irony is so rich, I submitted the article to The Daily Show in hopes they'll run with it. The $69 license fee is just icing on the wedding cake.

remember_username 6 years ago

Why is there a license? Was there a test?

riverdrifter 6 years ago

How's about a mating fee of $69 for wolves & cougars (I mean the wild cougars -wait, I know one of those). Never mind.

Reuben Turner 6 years ago

if they want to be married, let them pay like the rest whom are. don't they know that love does have a price. deny them at the door.

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