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Have you filed for your state income tax refund?

Response Percent Votes
44% 573
37% 479
I owe the state money
14% 186
I don’t pay taxes
4% 55
Total 1293


Brian Conrad 9 years ago

If you are hard worker in this state and miss filing or paying tax. WOW! they come after you like a felon. They charge penalties and interest higher than loan sharks. If anyone else charged the same rates they would be imprisoned. Bush was bad??? Sebilus will run out on Kansans as fast as she can and leave State employees and taxpayers wondering where are the checks ! Face it until the workers revolt against the 2% that control everything ... will be no health coverage, no help for the workers... just give them a little taste of a refund government has all ready taken. SEND money TO big banks ???? Bonus to everyone. Saudi prince owns most of Citibank.. send bailout. DALMER chrysler send money. grow pot =10 years.. STEAL 50 billion = house arrest??? Former Republican then Democrat now just po!

Curtis Lange 9 years ago

Thank goodness for filing early. Got my state refund with no problem.

angel4dennis 9 years ago

We ended up paying the state this year. As soon as we filed, we paid it. I am just praying the Federal comes through.

Melanie Birge 9 years ago

Thank goodness for filing early. Got my state refund with no problem. Same here KUweatherman!

rusty2 9 years ago


Saudis also control INTRAWEST one of the largest real estate developers.

oldvet 9 years ago

I pay my quarterlies with just enough to avoid penalties and then mail the final payment with my return on April 15th, not a day earlier...

KSChick1 9 years ago

got it, spent it...booya! Suck it state of Kansas!

Onasis 9 years ago

I just filed last weekend, and I owe the state... although I'm not sure how they think I can pay it without my paycheck?!

deskboy04 9 years ago

I will pay my state taxes on April 15th...not a day earlier.

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