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Are you tipping more, less or the same today as you did a year ago?

Response Percent Votes
I’m tipping about the same.
77% 527
I’m tipping more.
11% 77
I’m tipping less.
8% 61
I don’t tip.
2% 14
Total 679


fan4kufootball 10 years ago

The thing that bothers me about tipping is that people just assume that they will receive a 15% - 20% tip without earning it. I tend to tip based upon the service received. I also wonder who came up with the idea that people should be tipped (like hair stylists) when their "per hour" rate is astronomical.

Michael Sizemore 10 years ago

Poll - how many of you tip when you are picking up a "to-go" order?Most restaraunts print out the credit card slips with a place for a tip. I feel like a total cheapo crossing it out, so I end up putting a couple of bucks or whatever, which is usually 5-10% (which still makes me feel like a cheapo)...but I don't think 15-20% is warranted for carry out either.

Drew Alan 10 years ago

Most people whose "per hour" rate is astronomical have a rate that high because most of what they earn goes to the company they work for and covering overheads (rent, salon products, etc) so while it might seem like all 40 dollars you spent on your haircut goes in your stylist's pocket, it's probably more like 15 dollars. Plus, I tip my hairstylist because she operates a small business and I have been a loyal customer and I think my haircut is worth the extra 5 bucks.

Celeste Plitz 10 years ago

DGL, as someone who's made my living off of tips(pizza delivery) I make a real effort to tip well. However, if the service really stinks, I won't tip. A tip is for a job well-done, it is not for just "being there". I don't care if they are having a bad day, that doesn't mean they need to be rude and do their best to make sure my meal is miserable. There are plenty of times I've had a bad day and that did not translate to horrible customer service. Granted, this has happened only a couple of times, and I didn't feel guilty for not tipping. Any waiter or waitress should know that being a jerk will translate into "no tip". So if they are, then they shouldn't expect one.On the other hand, if my meal was terrible and stuff happens but the waiter or waitress does their best to make it better, I always leave a big tip. That's the kind of thing that tips are for. It is always in the back of my mind that these people make next to nothing and need tips. Only a truly horrible customer service situation warrents a "no tip" meal, but it has happened. Most of the time I won't go back to that resturaunt, either.

coolmom 10 years ago

i have been going out a little less with 6 in the family it is expensive to go to resteraunts. i have never not tipped even though i should have done so a couple times and i tend to tip good but it is infuriating when you go out and get sucky food and lax service. i will tip better if it is obvious the server has too many tables but is working their rear off.

SloMo 10 years ago

I've been ordering more appetizers as meals. Then I calculate the tip based on what a real entree would cost. That way, I save a little bit of money, but not at the servers' expense.

mr_economy 10 years ago

Disposable,I feel the same guilt when I see the place for tip on carry-out receipts, but I have forced myself to take the logical way out - the only people who handled that food other than the cashier were the cooks, who would not receive any of the tip (having been a cook, I can say how frustrating it sometimes was that whether I cooked enough for 20 people or for 200, I was paid the same amount).

DGL 10 years ago

To "thetagger" and "fan4kufootball": I'd like to see you live on $2.15 per hour when you have fine people like yourselves withholding tips. Are you financially penalized at your job when you have a bad day? And by the way, NO ONE would serve food if every person behaved the way you two do.

Kevin Sontag 10 years ago

You don't tip while picking up a to-go order for the same reason you don't tip the guy at the McDonalds drive-thru. You don't tip someone because they hand you your food in a bag. You tip a waiter/waitress for getting your orders right, re-filling your drinks, making sure everything is OK (even though they always ask when you have a mouthful of food, and sometimes before you've taken the first bite!... but I digress.) And for those who automatically tip regardless of the quality of the service, Stop! You're screwing it up for the rest of us. If they think they'll automatically get tipped, there's no reason to do good work. If they only got tipped when they did a bang up job, then they would always do a bang up job (or else suffer a tip-free night).

BDub 10 years ago

Tips should always be earned. Poor service should never be rewarded with a 15% tip - if it's really bad I won't even tip at all. It's difficult to do that poorly in my book, but it has happened once or twice. Generally, if service is exceptional I'll give 20% or a little more - if it's pretty bad I'll give 5%. I don't feel good about giving low tips, but if service is bad I feel like I need to let them know it.

labmonkey 9 years, 12 months ago

I was a cook at Sonic in high school and hated the fact that carhops were paid the same per hour as us, plus they always left with $10-20 in tips (and these were high school kids, not your single mom with 2 kids). I still tip even though I know this fact. At restraunts, unless service sucks, I leave 20-30%. (I did leave $1 once for a $30 order at Applebees when the waitress never made eye contact with us, tried to make us feel sorry for her by complaining how busy she was, and never refilled our drinks....I thought $1 would leave a stronger message than nothing).

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