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What is your favorite brand of Mexican-style beer?

Response Percent Votes
Corona Extra
24% 19
24% 19
18% 15
Dos Equis
16% 13
Bud Light Lime
7% 6
6% 5
Miller Chill
2% 2
Total 79


canyon_wren 9 years, 8 months ago

I haven't tasted Modelo yet--there's not much choice out here in SE Utah where the liquor stores are state-owned and varieties of 3.2 beer at the grocery stores are somewhat limited and we can't get that here. I did have a neighbor tell me just yesterday that it was the best. We do have several local breweries with a wide range of beers, but they are either too dark or too sweet for my tastesI voted for Dos Equis but like Corona when the former isn't available.

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