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Should Lawrence district teachers in areas like special education, math and science earn a higher rate of pay than other instructors?

Response Percent Votes
47% 287
46% 282
Not sure
6% 37
Total 606


KJones 10 years ago

I voted no because I feel that the government is already doing additional things to entice teachers in to this field. For instance, teachers can have up to $5,000 of their student loans forgiven after 5 years in a low income district. Science, math, and special ed teachers limit increase to $17,500. And I agree with number, where do you draw the line? To say it is drawn at the shortage area is obvious but I can imagine that this could be abused, twisted and stretched to cover those who weren't originally intended. Not to mention resentment between teachers.

Daytrader23 10 years ago

Most qualified mathematicians work for businesses that specialize in science or market research. The highest salary is on wall street where they can earn millions. So why would a qualified mathematician take a job that pays around $30,000 per year? Most math teachers are sub par at best. Which is why America has one of the worst public education systems in all of the industrialized nations. It's time to raise the pay or America becomes the next China, exporting cheap goods from factories because the people lack an education in order to compete on a global level. But most of you only care about saving a few extra tax dollars per year. How pathetic, I pay more in taxes then what most of you make. A lot more. And I agree that we need to raise them even higher in order to keep America competitive. We are already a laughing stock in Europe and most of Asia.

number3of5 10 years ago

Regular classroom teachers in the elementary level have to teach children in all areas of education. Maybe they should have special treatment because they chose to enter this field. Or maybe PE teachers should have special treatment because they deal with all students. The list could go on and on. All teachers should receive the same treatment as to pay rates. They each choose the area they want to enter in their course of studies. This should not be a reason to change salary rates.

Satirical 10 years ago

Econ 101: When demand is greater than supply the price goes up. As a free market capitalist I fully support paying more to encourage teachers to enter fields where there is a high demand, likely due to difficulty of the job or subject matter."But teachers might get jealous." Whine, whine whine. They are adults, this is the real world. If they want higher pay maybe they should teach in one of those areas, or go back to school to meet the necessary requirements.

Steve Mechels 10 years ago

There is no shortage of elementary ed or PE teachers. There is a shortage of special ed, math and science teachers. It is a competitive market out there. If you want qualified math and science teachers you will have to pay them or they will go to other districts (or to non-teaching jobs, like I did).

TopJayhawk 10 years ago

Teachers already "whine whine whine." And school boards get fatter and more entitled by the second. After all, all they care about are the children. ....LOL

canyon_wren 10 years ago

I had to vote Not Sure. I am opposed, in a way, to paying people in one section of the educational field more than others, since good teaching is such a difficult thing to define. On the other hand, it is easy to "fake" good teaching in general subjects but much more difficult to do so in the rigorous fields of math and science. Since there is a dearth of teachers in those fields, I guess something needs to be done, but it seems to me that simply paying more is not going to be the major factor in encouraging bright students to go into science and math education.While I realize that special education demands a certain kind of commitment that should be rewarded, I think teachers in regular classrooms are dealing with equally difficult problems, and I don't think that special ed teachers should receive more pay than regular teachers.

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