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Think back to your days as a young student. What was it like when your class was monitored by a substitute teacher?

Response Percent Votes
Not much happened in terms of learning.
46% 174
It was chaos.
23% 87
The class was generally attentive, but not too productive.
21% 78
The class was generally attentive and productive.
8% 32
Total 371


canyon_wren 10 years, 4 months ago

In addition to having had substitutes while in school, I also have been a substitute teacher. I think it is difficult to accomplish anything as a sub--even if the regular teacher has left some lesson plans, etc., because you can't maintain the continuity of her work. I'm thinking in terms of the upper grades--and into junior and senior high school. For anything below about 4th grade, being a substitute is not as difficult. In many situations, now, substitutes have to fill in for fairly long periods, not simply a few days, so it might be possible to accomplish something. My days of substituting were not recent, and I am sure it is a much more difficult job now, with the behavioral problems that exist today.

Drew Alan 10 years, 4 months ago

I agree with canyonwren here, that it isn't necessarily shortcomings in the substitutes teaching ability that renders their time less productive, but instead a difficulty with stepping in and grabbing student's attention's and doing things in a similar fashion to their normal teacher. As a youngster I do recall a lack of work to do when a substitute came in as well. Our regular teacher would leave a video to watch or some other not quite productive or necessary activity just to kill the time.

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