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Are you enjoying this winter?

Response Percent Votes
I need summer now.
62% 196
I love it. Give me more snow, ice and cold.
27% 87
Doesn’t matter to me what the weather is.
9% 31
Total 314


Mike Edson 10 years ago

It is really cold and more snow is on it's way.....sigh....

youngitized 10 years ago

I really don't like any of the possible answers to this question.

Krakatau 10 years ago

The questions are a bit 'weighted' aren't they? How about rewording them, such as:

1) more cold, snow, ice

2) heat, sweat, misquitos

3) doesn't matter what the weather is - I'm flexible and enjoy a variety of seasons.

Steve Mechels 10 years ago

Love the snow hate the ice. Wish we had a ski area also.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 10 years ago

Cheer up, people. The days are getting longer. The squirrels are mating. The cardinals will soon sing. Winter is SPRING!~) Kind of a dark, frozen, bitter and deadly SPRING!~)

oldvet 10 years ago

Football team wins the Orange Bowl and goes 12-1...

Basketball team undefeated and ranked #3...

Fizzou bball playing for an at-large invitation to the NIT...

Yep... I love this winter!!!

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