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What do you think of differential tuition?

Response Percent Votes
It prices some students right out of a degree
63% 120
It’s worth the cost to get the best quality education
30% 58
6% 12
Total 190


davidnta 10 years, 7 months ago

The problem with this poll is that it might get an accurate depiction of student's perception, but rather the community of Lawrence outside of KU.

just_another_ninja 10 years, 7 months ago

these statements are dumb.

anyone knows that unless it's free, no college student can really afford tuition. it's time for mommy and daddy to pony up or get funding elsewhere while working tirelessly to make ends meet (excluding full-scholarships). so statement 1 should be 100%.

and what's the deal with saying "get the best quality education"? everyone knows that KU doesn't offer the "best quality education". why state the question that way? so statement 2 should be 0%.

surely there's a more appropriate way to pose these ideas (and others on this topic) as statements...

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