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How will you spend Memorial Day weekend?

Response Percent Votes
Stay home and barbecue
47% 126
Hit the road
14% 39
Go to the lake
14% 38
12% 32
Decorate graves
11% 30
Total 265


bartskate 10 years, 10 months ago

I live in Durango, CO, and I'll be camping and fishing at Electra Lake with my girlfriend and a co-worker.

Staci Dark Simpson 10 years, 10 months ago

Also going to the Great AMerican BBQ at the Woodlands and maybe a little shopping at LEgends. And a BBQ blowout with friends.

Nick Yoho 10 years, 9 months ago

That makes a lot of sense right blinker.(like a deer in my headlights).47% of those that visit the LJW and answered an informal post,are staying at home.

which conclusion are you jumping to?

a)the general population in Lawrence is mostly far left.

b)the readership of LJW is mostly far left

c)the 47% is far left

d)the 47% are poor

e)those that are poor,are far left and blame somebody else.

f)staying at home is a sign of being far left.

your logic is astonishing.

Did you ever think some rich far,far,right folks,might stay home,because they have family values?

Of course no "far lefties"have any of those,so they must stay home because they can't afford gas,is that it?There is no far left in America anymore,my friend.Those you constantly call far left,are center-right,and you my friend,are off the charts far right.the MSM has you so spun you don't even know what "left" is. Sorry if I offended you.

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