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What do you think of the decision to delay the opening of South Junior High and Broken Arrow Elementary School?

Response Percent Votes
It should’ve been made sooner
53% 135
They should have found some way to get school to start on time
22% 58
It was the right choice made at the right time
22% 57
1% 3
Total 253


shortkenny 10 years, 9 months ago

I have two children that are starting at Broken Arrow this year. We have only been in Lawrence for about a month. We haven't seen the school or met a teacher. The decision to not have school, and finding out about it at noon the day before was a huge problem for my family. I did not like the comment someone made on the news that it shouldn't be to hard to find day care. He obviously does not have school age is almost impossible to find care for two kids at the last minute. We should have known last week that school may be parents we would have then been able to have a back up plan........

misseve 10 years, 9 months ago

kenny i agree... My daycare has been incredibaly understanding but still. They have to have KNOWN that they wouldnt be finished and after driving by again today i cant and wont be letting my son go on Friday. So tell WHEN are they supposed to be tearing down the old south. I have seen 3 dates come and go....

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