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Would a visit by President Bush sway your vote for Congress?

Response Percent Votes
83% 187
13% 30
No opinion.
3% 8
Total 225


Speakout 11 years ago

Actually, Bush would sway my vote. I would vote AGAINST him at every juncture, no matter the issue. This man instills the worst in all of us because he is untruthful, calculating and incompetent. He has no idea that the world hates his every action.

aeroscout17 11 years ago

Bad question; it would sway my vote as I would vote AGAINST anyone he was supporting.

Legend 11 years ago

In a negative way!!!! Anyone he supports, I'm against.

blackwalnut 11 years ago

Jim Ryun had his run. His rubber-stamping of Bush's failed policies and disastrous handling of Iraq are not what Kansans need.

Nancy Boyda will represent Kansas - not some national party agenda. She declined to take money from the Democratic National Committee during this campaign so that she could say what she believes, and do what she wants, without owing her soul to some party.

Nancy Boyda will represent Kansas - not a political party.

bks253 11 years ago

Actually, a Bush visit would make me more likely to vote for a Democratic candidate.

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