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Do you think the debate going on in Kansas about how evolution is taught in the state’s public schools is giving Kansas a reputation of being anti-science?

Response Percent Votes
Yes, and I agree with Kansas University’s provost that it’s damaged KU’s national reputation and made it tougher to recruit science faculty and top students.
39% 236
Yes. National media coverage tends to make it appear that most Kansans question evolution.
24% 145
Yes. I think it will hurt the state’s efforts at recruiting scientists and researchers to create a biosciences industry.
20% 122
No. The debate shows that Kansans are open to challenging accepted teachings in the search of truth.
7% 47
No. I disagree with those who say it is hurting the state’s efforts at building a biosciences industry and attracting science faculty. Kansas has much to offer anyone willing to come here.
4% 26
No. Kansas is just one of several states where evolution is being questioned.
3% 19
Total 595


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