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Coming Up Roses

23 May 2006

Great things take time - fortunately, Colin Pepper Halliburton is a patient guy. After receiving an acoustic guitar for his 21st birthday, Halliburton no relation to the multinational corporation - set to authoring an extensive catalog of songs. He enlisted friends Joe Rankin (drums), Ehren Starks (keys) and Paul Winn (upright bass) to fill out the band, which began playing shows last year as <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/bands/roseline/">The Roseline</a>. Matching accomplished musicianship to Halliburton's introspective narratives, the band exhibits a subdued sound in the vein of Neko Case, Ryan Adams and/or Damien Rice. The group unveils its debut full-length "A Wall Behind It" on May 26 at The Jackpot Saloon.

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'Scar' Tissue

16 May 2006

Fresh off an appearance at the Coachella Music Festival, The New Amsterdams are heading out for a two-week tour to support their March release "Story Like a Scar." Former Get Up Kids frontman Matt Pryor heads up the group, which has gelled into a stable five-piece with the addition of a touring lap-steel player. Lyrically, the new album is honest and revealing, dealing intimately with artistic frustrations and the struggle to balance career with family. Pryor and New Ams drummer Bill Belzer dropped by our podcast studios to discuss "Story Like A Scar" and the band's goals for 2006.

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Apollo 13: Mission controlled

11 May 2006

Mixing modern rock and electronica in equal measure, Apollo 13 answers the eternally burning question: What would it sound like if Lenny Kravitz collaborated with The Chemical Brothers? The group features the "American Idol"-ready vocals of former Band That Saved the World frontman Shannon Savoie as well as top-notch musicianship from bassist Will Dinkel, guitarist/keyboardist Mike MacFarland and drummer Danny Rojas. Apollo 13's sophomore album "Lovebomb" will be toasted Friday at The Bottleneck. Savoie and Dinkel dropped by our podcast studio to preview the record and discuss the art of independent music-making.

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Deadwood Derby - The Pregame Show

2 May 2006

If music were a competitive sport, five athletes would carry Lawrence's Olympic torch: Brett Armstong, Apollo 13, Trucker, Lethe, and Marry Me Moses. This quintet of gladiators dueled their way to <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/events/2006/may/06/13283/">the finals of the first annual lawrence.com Deadwood Derby</a>, winning over online voters, audiences and judges with their boundless charisma and precision gunnery. So prepare yourselves now, worthy citizens of Lawrence, as the ultimate bloodsport culminates at The Bottleneck on May 6. In eager anticipation of the moment of truth, you may bask in this podcast wherein questions are put to the foaming combatants, and many times they answer coherently, and other times we simply let the music speak for itself - for in the end, only it will have a voice.

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