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What a perfect beginning

28 February 2006

Dead Girls Ruin Everything is the sound of four guys who love to rock - fists pumping, tongue protruding, spread-eagle-stance style. Split 50/50 between former members of Ultimate Fakebook (Nick Colby on bass, Eric Melin on drums) and Podstar (guitarists/vocalists Cameron Hawk and JoJo Longbottom), the band packs a power-pop punch that's showy like Cheap Trick and smart like Superchunk. The band's electrifying debut album "What A Perfect Ending" is getting a proper release this week on Reignition Recordings, a New York label with worldwide distribution. We invited Hawk and Longbottom into our podcast booth to preview tracks from the album and wreak havoc with our otherwise stable VU meters.

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Smooth Sales Pitch

20 February 2006

Brett Armstrong does NOT sound like Tyler Hilton. Maybe Pete Yorn, or Gavin DeGraw. But definitely not Tyler Hilton. The Lawrence songwriter proves this much on his debut EP "Selling Something or Myself," which features seven of the most radio-ready rock songs you'll hear this year. Armstrong has kept a steady schedule of solo gigs while searching for the right cast of backup musicians. He stopped by to preview tracks from his EP and discuss the merits of battery eating and one-man banding.

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Sweet 'Revenge'

17 February 2006

t's been 10 years since the brothers Phillips - Brandon, Zach and Adam - started a ska band and called it The Gadjits. A few albums later, the group reinvented itself as a sweaty American rock-and-soul revival show and inked a major-label deal that should have made them stars. A change in RCA label ownership, however, quickly squashed that dream.

Reformed two years ago as Architects, the fiery four-piece recently unveiled their second full-length record "Revenge." Recorded in quick-and-dirty Motown fashion, the 13-song scorcher is proof that these guys still deserve bigger stages. Lead singer and guitarist Brandon Phillips stopped by our podcast studio to preview the new album and perform some voluntary verbal self-flagellation.

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No really... what IF the South had won?

15 February 2006

Interview by guest host Jon Niccum / production by Richard Gintowt

After nearly 14 years in the making, Lawrence director Kevin Willmott's "C.S.A. - The Confederate States of America" is set for its official U.S. premiere this weekend in New York City.

Willmott's film - which re-envisions post-Civil War America, from the South's "victory" at Gettysburg all the way to bizarre manifestations of modern-day slavery - was picked up at Sundance two years ago by Spike Lee, who has since shepherded the film to a proper release. Well, as close to proper as Willmott could have expected anyway...

The film has proven to be fairly controversial and unsettling enough to some viewers that walk-outs have not been uncommon at screenings. In this conversation with Journal-World film critic Jon Niccum, Willmott talks about his film, its long-anticipated reception by a wide audience, as well as the Lawrence filmmaker community that made it all possible.

"C.S.A." premieres in Kansas City on Feb. 24 and in Lawrence on Mar. 10.

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Your Jesterly: Evan Saathoff releases full-length Anniversary cover

7 February 2006

Lawrence singer/songwriter <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/bands/evan_saathoff/">Evan Saathoff</a> just finished covering The Anniversary's "<a href="http://www.lawrence.com/albums/the_anniversary_your_majesty/">Your Majesty</a>" in its entirety. No, seriously - all 11 songs. We invited Saathoff, a talented songwriter on his own merits, to explain exactly what the hell was thinking. Our half-hour podcast features selections from the album and plenty of engaging banter.

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Anvil Chorus

2 February 2006

Kansas City band <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/bands/anvil_chorus/">Anvil Chorus</a> displays a knack for lush art-rock in the vein of Blonde Redhead and Mogwai. Lead vocalist and pianist Anna Cole (ex-Trophy Wives) heads up the group, which already has a smooth-sounding demo under its belt and a well-deserved local following. Cole and guitarist Andrew Kirk stopped by our luxurious podcast studios to chat about their new EP, upcoming <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/events/2006/feb/05/12473/">show</a>s, and other miscellaneous points of interest.

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