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Room 125: The LHS Podcast Archive for October 2007

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What's behind the mask?

30 October 2007

The main theme of this week's podcast is "Masks and Identity" - an examination of how Halloween is, for some, a time to cover up and for others, a time to reveal. The centerpieces of the podcast are two student essays: one by a student who realizes being a cheerleader was her way of hiding; and one by a gay student who realizes he can no longer hide. Throughout are student reflections about what Halloween masks mean to them.

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Race relations at LHS: Could the 'Jena 6' happen here?

16 October 2007

In the wake of the "Jena 6" controversy, the student-produced podcast takes a look at race relations at Lawrence High School. Plus: An examination of teens and drinking, a proposal for a four-day school week, and the latest reviews.

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Football, jellybeans and music

2 October 2007

Lawrence High School students are bringing their creativity to your ears starting today with "Room 125: The LHS Podcast." This new podcast will run every other Tuesday during the 2007 fall semester, alternating with a new FSHS podcast, and, among other things, will include book reviews, a music review and a student poem. Today's edition includes an interview with Charles Goolsby, director of the play "The Jellybean Conspiracy," which runs <a href="http://www2.ljworld.com/events/2007/oct/04/22920/">October 4 through October 6, 2007</a>, at Lawrence High School.

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