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6News podcast for 01-31-06

31 January 2006

On the 6News Nightcast: President Bush delivers his State of the Union address to the nation, a former Kansas House speaker seeks to challenge Gov. Kathleen Sebelius for her job, and a Lawrence family learns to live without their 6-year-old son.

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6News Podcast for 01-30-06

30 January 2006

The Kansas Board of Education recently changed state science standards allowing criticism of evolution. A storm known as a "landspout" and described as a mini-tornado suddenly began shattering car windows in Wichita. Although most would want to leave Lawrence to join the KU baseball team and enjoy the wam weather for their first season opener in Hawaii, the weather in Lawrence remains hospitable to the team. Road woes continue for KU women's basketball as they are buried by Baylor losing by fifty points, 25-45. Don't let this warm wather fool you. While it doesn't seem like winter, the perverbial boot could drop at any time ushering in cold weather and the "common cold" along with it. President Bush is scheduled to unveil the 2006 fiscal year budget in early February. In honor of Kansas's birthday the Lawrence Public Library hosted a Kansas Day celebration where hundreds indulged in some of Kansas' most famed traditions. An Italian reptile makes it was to the KU campus. With the win over Iowa State on Saturday the Jayhawks move third in the Big 12 standings just below Colorado. And finally, KU track and field team hosted the Jayhawk Invitational track and field meet Saturday on campus.

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6News Podcast 01-27-06

28 January 2006

KU men's basketball head to Iowa State Saturday. Against the Cyclones Jayhawks lead the all time series by 100 games, but recently this has been a very good match-up. Lawrence lady Lions lose the battle against the Topeka Seamen Vikings, 46-51. The Lions play Saturday at 11 a.m. for 7th place in the Firebird Winter Classic. KU baseball's talent on the mound is predicted to be effective. The strength of the baseball team has been hitting, but the action on the mound this season could be just as good. The pitching staff could do some major damage heading into the Big 12. Four people attack a homeless woman as she is sitting on the banks of the Kansas river. Lawrence police were dispatched to the Heartland clinic where the victim was seeking treatment for her injuries. A court upholds the conviction of a man that was considered as the 'ring leader' in the beating and stabbing of a man three years ago at the Jayhawk motel. After the victim checked into the motel room he was attacked and left for dead in River Front Park. Police arrest a man after a fight early this morning at the Boardwalk apartments. The 30 year-old man arrested in the fight was stabbed during the incident. The man was treated and release from the Lawrence Memorial Hospital and then booked into Douglas County Jail. East Hills Business Park is being noticed by the Kansas Transportation Department. Soon the cars traveling 65mph toward the East Hills entrance, will have signs and video survellance warning drivers to slow down. A KU graduate student finds what appears to be a peep hole in her bathroom at The Oaks apartment complex. Heather Yates moved into this apartment only three weeks ago and found the hole when Yates and her father removed the mirror after noticing strange scratch marks on the glass. Free State High girls sneak past K.C. Sumner in the Firebird Winter Classic in a last minute shot at the buzzer ending the game, 45-44. Free Sate plays in the title game Saturday at 2 p.m. against Junction City. Eudora Cardinals takes on the Louisburg Wildcats at home. Cardinals opening the game with a 14-0 run, finishes the game on top with a score of 56-51. Over 100 people stand up for Sharon White, Prairie Park Elementary crossing guard, due to complaints to school officials for her "excessive and agressive" hand waving. Because of complaints she has been asked to stop her signature move.

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6News Podcast for 01-26-06

27 January 2006

A Kansas school board member speaks tonight on the importance of moving the state to the middle of the political road. And a mother charged in connection with the death ofher infant daughter is in court today. It's only a slight adjustment in the schedule of about 20 some odd thousand people, but it is causing some confusion up at KU. An alarming number of students skipping school forces Lawrence administrators to get tough on truancy. A federal grand jury indicts a 19 year-old KU student fro his alleged involvement in a fake ID ring. The 12th annual Relay for Life kicked off tonight with team captains and organizers making plans for raising funds. Some athletes from the Kansas City Royals were in town getting folks excited about the 2006 season. The Lawrence arts-based after-school program, Van Go Mobile Arts, is receiving national attention. And Free State's Banaka Okwuone is honored as the Hy-Vee high school scholar athlete of the month.

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6News podcast for 01-25-06

26 January 2006

On the 6News Nightcast: See how some local teens are spending their time building a city of the future, see how patients and pharmacists are dealing with Medicare D, and see how much funding community leaders want for new industrial sites.

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6News podcast for 01-24-06

25 January 2006

On the 6News Nightcast: It's hallowed ground to some, but today it's used as a trash dump; the details about Jayhawk freshman Micah Downs' suddent departure, and a local plastics manufacturers finds support for the largest tax break in city history.

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6News podcast for 01-23-06

23 January 2006

Dozens turned out tonight to take part in "walking the dream." Plans for a 75 million dollar sewer plant labeled as crucial for future growth may be delayed while Lawrence city leaders study more natural ways to treat sewage. A Lawrence woman who poured heart and soul into building her house watched it go up in smoke this weekend. One person is seriously injured in an accident Monday afternoon east of Lawrence. President Bush visits the Sunflower State today and speaks about the War on Terror at Kansas State University. Board members approved a resolution that would give them the power to raise the mill levy for its capital outlay fund any time within the next five years. A leader of the Intelligent Design movement comes to Mt. Oread.

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6News podcast for 01-22-06

23 January 2006

On the 6News Nightcast: A Lawrence woman will be honored when the president comes to Kansas tomorrow, meet a little black puppy who's about to embark on a career serving mankind, and a program that provides mental health services to Lawrence public schools is in danger of shutting down.

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6News Podcast for 01-19-06

20 January 2006

Will the school funding issue be a knock-down, drag out fight at the statehouse this year? One local legislator give us his prediction. And there was some heavy breathing at a recent Lawrence high school dance, where students were administered breathalyzer tests. Also, the housing bubble in Lawrence seems to be deflating, but that my not hold true for all the sectors in realestate.

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6News podcast for 01-18-06

19 January 2006

On the 6News Nightcast: Thousands of Native American artifacts housed in KU's former anthropology museum may soon be back to their rightful owners, Lawrence city commissioners find out today they're going to have to walk a fine line if they want to keep Lawrenceians from taking their business to Kansas City, and fire breaks out at a South Lawrence home this evening causing extenive damage.

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6News podcast for 01-17-06

18 January 2006

On the 6News Nightcast: Lawrence city commissioners take up the issue of rude and noisy neighbors and freight trains, someone tries to take an unattended locomotive for a joyride, and despite so-called "donor fatigue" Douglas County residents continue their giving.

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6News podcast for 01-16-06

16 January 2006

On the 6News Nightcast: A southwest Douglas County home is destroyed by a fire, count on the City Commission to become more vocal about completing the South Lawrence Trafficway, and 18 months of the smoking ban has brought ups and downs to local businesses.

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6News podcast for 01-11-06

12 January 2006

On the 6News Nightcast: A national watchdog group says Lawrence is one of the meanest cities in the nation, city commissioners find out that it will take a hefty sum to improve drainage in North Lawrence, and across the country more and more Americans are being diagnosed with diabetes every day.

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6News podcast for 01-10-06

10 January 2006

On the 6News Nightcast: Gov. Kathleen Sebelius submits her budget to the Legislature, Douglas County commissioners may settle a debate over a housing settlement south of Eudora tomorrow night, and plans to develop the northeast corner of Sixth and Wakarusa bring hours of debate at tonight's City Commission meeting.

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6News podcast for 01-08-06

9 January 2006

On the 6News Nightcast: Find out how Mother Nature is reclaiming your garbage, the Lawernce Police Department bids farewell and good luck to two veterans, and lawmakers prepare to deal with some familiar issues as they return to the state Capitol.

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6News podcast for 01-05-06

5 January 2006

On the 6news Nightcast: The Lawrence school district gets $200,000 worth of good news, a woman walks into her home to find a masked man hiding in her closet, and new technology at Allen Fieldhouse means convenience for some and a hassle for others.

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6News podcast for 01-03-06

4 January 2006

On the 6News Nightcast: The city's sewer problems might not be as bad as feared, a new documentary is out on the evolution vs. intelligent design debate, and the KU community mourns the loss of one of their own.

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6News podcast for 01-01-06

2 January 2006

On the 6News Nightcast: Ring in the New Year with a look back at the top stories of 2005.

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