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KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little Chancellor addresses major issues facing KU, including leadership and diversity
November 29, 2015
Hiring a new provost and addressing campus concerns about race are among the Kansas University chancellor’s top priorities right now. The Journal-World recently sat down with Bernadette Gray-Little to talk about these and a few other important issues at KU.
10:00 a.m.
Kansas University men's basketball student managers, Chip Kueffer, Baldwin City, works behind a rack of uniforms as he works to fold and bundle jerseys, shorts and other articles of clothing for the Jayhawks prior to a team meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015 at the Westin Maui in Lahaina, Hawaii. The managers abide by a strict procedure for organizing and laundering all of the gear that accompanies the Jayhawks during their travels but often have to improvise on the road when faced with a quick turnaround between games. LOOK: The laundry won’t do itself; student team managers keep KU players in clean uniforms
November 29, 2015
If you ask one of the student managers for the Kansas men’s basketball team, they might tell you the hustle element doesn’t just exist between the whistles. In fact, they’d probably tell you it is required in every nook and cranny of the program, and this includes the laundry room. By Nick Krug
12:00 p.m.
Twenty-seven years have passed since Linwood high school senior Randy Leach vanished from a graduation party, but his parents, Harold and Alberta Leach, still want to find their only child. Push is on to make police investigation records public; Leach family hopes to see son’s police file after 27 years
November 29, 2015
The more than 27-year-old case file on the disappearance of Randy Leach, a Linwood high school honor student, must be thousands of pages. But it’s impossible to know because the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office and the KBI who investigated the long-ago mystery refuse to release the records even to Leach’s parents, Harold and Alberta Leach.
2:00 p.m.
Lawrence Public Schools (Shutterstock photo) Lawrence school district addresses student Internet threats with caution, education
November 29, 2015
So far this school year, school administrators have reported threats to law enforcement that were made on the Internet by three Lawrence high school students. Such incidents call for both a serious response and preventive education, district officials say. “We take those very, very seriously and immediately turn those over the police for them to investigate,” said Lawrence schools Superintendent Rick Doll. “Students need to know when they post things on the Internet that’s a permanent record and whether they are kidding or they are serious, we have to take those very seriously.”

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