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Saturday Column

Saturday Column: Bioscience agency should return to original mission
May 23, 2015
On April 19, 2004, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius signed the Kansas Economic Growth Act, which created the Kansas Bioscience Authority. At that time, the Kansas Legislature declared, “The mission of the Kansas Bioscience Authority is to make Kansas the most desirable state in which to conduct, facilitate, support, fund and perform bioscience research, development and commercialization, to make Kansas a national leader in bioscience, to create jobs, foster economic growth, advance scientific knowledge and improve the quality of life for the citizens of the state of Kansas.”

Tom Keegan

Column: Firebirds play a lot like Royals
May 27, 2015
Local baseball fans who have become hooked on watching the Kansas City Royals flash leather as well as any club that ever has played the game need not panic over the Royals having an off day Thursday. An attractive alternative with a big-time feel to it does exist. By Tom Keegan

Your Turn

Your Turn: Changes boost K-12 funding needs
May 22, 2015
I recently had a conversation with my dad, a retired teacher, and another relative about school funding. We all were in agreement the block grant represents a cut to our state’s K-12 operational funding. However my relative then added: “but I think we spend too much on administration and other support staff.” He reached back to his own school days, with multiple jobs shared among staff, and students helping out with various clerical and custodial duties. It’s part of a perspective shared among many that question whether schools are operating as efficiently as possible, fueled by idealistic memories of their own, or their children’s, academic experiences.

George Gurley

Opinion: Mountain lion is lurking
May 10, 2015
My wife saw a mountain lion the other day. That makes me the only person in our neighborhood who hasn’t seen one. Of course, I was skeptical at first. But my wife isn’t the type who reports seeing flying saucers, Big Foot, or the face of Jesus in a spaghetti ad. If she says she saw a mountain lion, she saw a mountain lion.

Garden Calendar

Garden Variety: A lesson in apple picking
October 8, 2014
With apple-harvesting season in full swing, now is a great time to get out and pick some of the fresh fruit from local orchards or your own trees if you have them.