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Bird's eye view

It’s noon, and most people in Lawrence are headed for lunch.

Here's Johnny's / By Dee Ann Raker - Special to the Journal-World

Community and friendship are not listed on the lunch menu at Johnny’s Tavern, but Erin Leavy says that is what keeps her there.

Fending for herself / By Lori Vinoverski - Special to the Journal-World

The streets of Lawrence are home to Tasha Reeves.

Flight instructor Keith Allen describes the best part of his day


6News video: 24 Hours in Lawrence: the afternoon docket call

One of the most hectic places in Lawrence on any given afternoon is the Douglas County District Court. Their cases may not make headlines, yet everyday dozens of defendants move through the courtrooms. It’s usually standing room only at the afternoon docket call.

Judge Paula

Three young men in jail garb and ankle chains arrested for allegedly stealing copper pipe and other property plead with Douglas County District Court Judge Paula Martin to be released from jail on their own recognizance.

Celebrating life / By Ryan McGeeney - Special to the Journal-World

In a modern home in west Lawrence, Nina Hartman finally has time to think.

Journal-World reporter Scott Rothschild talks with Asst. Dist. Atty. Eve Kentle about how the courts work.


KU classes come to an end

It’s the final day of classes at Kansas University. But for most students it’s just the beginning of the end.


6News video: 24 Hours in Lawrence: following an elementary school bus driver

If you need a little extra energy, you might be able to borrow some from the group of elementary school students Jody Brown picks up and drops off every day of the school week.

The ride home

The afternoon trip is especially rowdy.


Special bus driver

The dashboard clock flashes “4:00” just as school bus No. 100 pulls to a stop in front of the house driver Don Shepard predicted it would at that instant. Once a Marine, always a Marine.


6News video: 24 Hours in Lawrence: a trip to the grocery store

As students get home from school — we turn from our lives in the office — to our lives on the home-front as husbands and wives, mothers and fathers. But during that transition from work to home, there’s often one stop along the way…the grocery store.

Haskell royalty

Haskell Indian Nations University is abuzz.

Grocery goodies

Everyone at the grocery at 5 p.m. is in a hurry.

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