Letter to the editor: Massacre blame

To the editor:

Nikolas Cruz is to blame for the Florida school shooting. However, several government entities could have prevented this tragedy.

The school expelled Cruz for violent behavior and students joked that he would be a school shooter. Police and other authorities were called to his home 39 times. Child welfare diagnosed him as depressed and autistic. The FBI knew that on YouTube “Nikolas Cruz” wanted to be a school shooter. Several weeks before the shooting, the FBI failed to investigate Cruz after being specifically warned he was a potential school shooter.

School authorities, the police and the welfare department did not attempt to have Cruz adjudicated as a danger to himself and others. An adjudication could have prevented Cruz from buying a gun. Once he had a gun the FBI did not even attempt to investigate him. The armed school deputy stood outside while kids were being slaughtered.

Rather than blame Cruz and the egregious government failures for this tragedy, liberals blame Trump and the NRA. Liberals’ solution is to prevent law abiding citizens from buying an AR-15.

For two years President Obama had a Democrat-controlled Congress with a filibuster-proof Senate. Obama and the Democrats did not reinstate the AR-15 ban. Using their logic, liberals should blame Obama for the Florida shootings.

Question for Lawrence parents: Are your children safe?