Letter to the editor: Sidewalk tax

While the City Commission debates the “necessity” of fixing all the sidewalks in Lawrence, I want to thank them for discriminating against me and other homeowners. Their plans to charge (tax) me for an “amenity” I neither asked for, want and am not allowed to get rid of is little more than blatant discrimination against one segment of property owners. My cross street neighbors do not have to repair anything, go to the expense of keeping it clear of snow and ice, or constantly pick up after pet owners who neglect to clean up after their charges. As they have no sidewalk, they also are not hit with the additional insurance liability that comes with this unwanted gift.

The entire neighborhood, although using the walkway, are not being thought of as responsible for its upkeep. Only each individual property owner is, and then suffers at the whim of the city to determine what is in disrepair and what is not. I view such taxation as unjust and unfair, as it singles out one group to pay the freight for the rest of the community. If the city loves sidewalks so much, then it should pay for the maintenance and upkeep of them all. If you are going to penalize (tax) one, then tax all, or put in into the city budget (which we all know the city can’t afford).