Letter to the editor: Thanks for listening

To the editor:

Since there seem to be far too few of them, I would like to commend elected officials who actually listen to their constituents when voting on issues.

Two recent examples: 1) when the Lawrence City Commission voted to pursue warmer-colored LEDs for both city-owned and Westar-operated streetlights; and 2) when Kansas Sens. Oletha Faust-Goudeau, Steve Fitzgerald, Marci Francisco, David Haley, Tom Hawk, Anthony Hensley, Tom Holland, Laura Kelly, Julia Lynn and Lynn Rogers voted no on SB 405. (SB 405 is an industrial “farming” bill that would allow raising up to 330,000 chickens at a single site which produces over 132,000 pounds of manure a day — all within a quarter mile of a habitable structure, e.g., home, business or school or 100 feet of a property line. Even though these senators were outvoted on SB 405, we voters appreciate your efforts. We are now watching the representatives to see if the House too will prostitute our state for perceived revenue or campaign contributions.)

Voters, communicate with your elected officials about the issues of the day and when it is election time, please go to the polls and vote out the politicians at all levels who ignore your voice.