Letter to the editor: Fighting chance

To the editor:

I have not heard anyone suggest that all teachers be armed with concealed guns. What I have heard is that teachers who wish to be, who are trained and/or retired military or law enforcement officers, should have that option.

I have heard individual teachers and teachers’ unions speak against arming teachers. But I will never hear any of the teachers and coaches — killed while trying to shield students with their bodies — say whether they would have preferred to have had a gun to defend their students and themselves.

I am trained to use a gun and, while I have never had to use a weapon to defend myself or others, I know I would like to have that option rather than be a defenseless victim or watch the killing of those who, through love or duty, I am charged to protect.

Tragedies such as school or other public shootings prove that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.