Letter to the editor: Gun rubbish

To the editor:

More people in Kansas City recently lost the right to life due to gun violence. It happens all the time because of other people’s spurious and ridiculous complaints about losing their “right” to have guns. Which loss is more serious?

First of all, those legitimate, well-trained gun owners who are quaking about their possible loss of their right to own guns have never had any difficulty getting (for instance) 31 guns, a gun safe and lots of ammunition. I bought a pistol years ago without any problems at all. Cabela’s was happy to wait on me and even help me with the licensing. It is now way too easy for anyone to get a gun. Today anyone with a mental difficulty or any lawbreaker can walk in and buy a military-type weapon originally designed to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Tell me how many “hunters” need a 30-round magazine to kill a deer? First of all, that’s not hunting. Second of all, after 30 rounds there won’t be any “deer” left to brag about! When I was a kid, deer hunters were restricted to a five-round magazine and no one I knew complained.

We are not debating the Second Amendment here. We are debating whether gun manufacturers have the right to continue to make money selling devices to kill people. Yes, we know the old tired arguments: “If guns were outlawed…” News flash: Outlaws have guns and are using them! Yes, cars kill people, but they were designed to carry people from one place to another, not kill people. And so on, ad infinitum. Stop it!!


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