Letter to the editor: Trump’s ignorance

To the editor:

President Trump has been quoted saying Haiti and African nations are “shithole” countries. Well, Mr. President, I want to set the record straight. Your great education and your genius has failed you in history and vocabulary. If it were not for these “shithole” countries, the U.S.A. would never have become great. A slave rebellion in Haiti, lead by Toussaint-Louverture from 1793 to 1803, smashingly forestalled the French from achieving a foothold in North America. The resulting impact was that Napoleon sold the Louisiana Territory for 3 cents an acre to the U.S.A. America defeated Spain in 1850; borders reached from Atlantic to the Pacific.

Marco Polo imported gun powder produced in China to Europe and added technology of cannon and guns to decimate the native populations of Africa, the Americas and Asia. A few Europeans attacked their vast targets, scavenged such resources as minerals, agriculture and populations that produced billions of dollars for America, England, France, Spain and Portugal.

President Thomas Jefferson wanted men to think and reason and raise Americans to greater heights. President Lincoln decreed all Americans should be able to read and write and complete the eighth grade. The fantastic beginning of our ventures in splitting the atom, landing on the moon, Hubble Space Telescope and the two Voyagers into deeper space.

Mr. President, sorry you don’t understand that one does not debase people due to the color of their skin, origins, of their countries whose civilizations that were more advanced than Europe.